1. Derrick from Philly says

    Boy, how I love Jason Collins’ smile. I always wanted a man with that kind of a beautiful smile.

    Now, all I could possibly get are drunks missing teeth–but they’ll smile for ya’

  2. Modern Meet says

    If given the opportunity, I would kiss his feet. What a courageous and beautiful man!

  3. Hey says

    Now that he’s taken off the mask, why doesn’t take it a step further and take off the pants? A tasteful photo spread would be so inspirational Jason. A thank you gift from you, to us. We’ve seen your inner beauty.

  4. Carmelo says

    Where’s Daniel venereal to tell us what an affluent white person Jason Collins is?!

  5. LA says

    Jason’s got that same African American palatability voters found in Obama. We need him.