1. 2AMOR says

    Hold on now! this young man is from Huntsville, Alabama and he said “I didn’t know gay bashing still existed”. I am sorry, Huntsville, Alabama!! No gay bashing at all?

  2. RICK says

    And welcome to the real world, one and all where no not everything’s going to be rainbows and a trip to McDonalds for a Happy Meal. The price paid for all that Pride weekend, new outfits and free admission to the club? Good ole helpings of ignorant discrimination, so Bambi whatcha gonna do? It’s now on YOU!

  3. Anon says

    Psyco RICK,

    May you mouth-off one day, offline and not comfy comfy behind your computer screen, to somebody who will show you “real world” consequences to your prejudice.

    Personally, nothing would give me more pleasure than to go “God Bless America” 2011 on your ass.

  4. 2AMOR says

    ANON, When you find this RICK trash, let us know. I am sure there will be a line behind you wanting there 2 minutes with this little PIG!!

  5. j says

    that still from the video is wild –
    some look chubby miss thang is rocking with that purple shirt and sweater combo –
    tres chic
    was it college boy realness night at the club and he forgot to change?

  6. abc says

    Gee… wonder why? I’d like to hear BOTH sides of the story as I’m quite certain these mean old, homophobic males didn’t go out of their way to stab these guys based on their appearance.

    Gays feel they are the exception to the rule. I’ve had gay men in clubs say things to me that made me want to stab them. If you want to live peacefully with heterosexuals, the first thing you need to understand is don’t hit on or bring up any of your gay adventures while chatting with a straight male.

    We don’t care to know what you’d do to us in the bedroom nor do we care to hear the nasty things you’ve done with other guys. Period.

  7. Anony6 says

    @ ABC

    You sure do spend a lot of your time with gay men, listening to their bedroom adventures. It’s time to stop living your life through others.

  8. JamesDeansJeans says


    Which is exactly why I don’t trust white gay or Hispanic men. They scream when discriminated against, but readily and openly discriminate against black gays. They are hateful, evil and spiteful. This is why I say being black and being gay have NOTHING in common.

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