1. Angela Channing says

    I watched some of the clips on You Tube and it looks like a fun romp. Maybe the writing is a formula we all know, but they seem to pull it off. ::Crossing fingers::

  2. Lazycrockett says

    The first couple episodes are pretty horrible but it does turn around in the middle and Ramsey Bolton is an added bonus. I think the second season will be much improved. It just takes the cast a while to find their feet.

  3. Tatts says

    Just saw it. Huge disappointment. Really huge. It’s a throwback, with horrible writing–like Two Broke Girls–setup, punchline, setup, insult, setup, forced awkward moment, setup, punchline, setup…..

    And it’s way too queeny for me. A huge waste of two notable actors.

    Also, it’s a video of a stage performance, with enunciation to fill the hall–no subtlety.


  4. emjayay says

    Just saw it. I’ll keep watching it anyway, but it is pretty thuddingly presentational and really not that well directed. Even on stage it would actually be a lot funnier if it was played more slyly and with more nuance and layers and sense of reality by everyone.

    I don’t get the casting of the new neighbor at all. He shouldn’t look like a model or Chippendale dancer or something – that would be as unsubtle as the rest of the show – but he’s really below average in looks, face and body. The average younger straight guy is hotter and/or more interesting than that.

    But I’ll watch it anyway and hope it does indeed get better.

  5. says

    It runs only one season and ran in England last year. It does get better as the episodes go on. There is a cute straight hotty who joins the cast and he adds to the fun of the whole thing. Was hoping for a second season but no. Enjoy while it lasts!

  6. woodroad34 says

    I have to record it since the two vicious old queens I have Sunday night dinner with usually fall asleep after two much drink and wine. And when I say vicious…they’re close to 80, one is an arch Conservative and the other is a mean drunk who thinks he’s funny spouting stupid sarcasms. One would think this is a perfect show for them, but I think the irony may be lost on the egotists.

  7. UFFDA says

    This is immesurably dreadful. TATTS and others have said it well. Are their really people like this? God, I know there are. In real life I would get up and leave (as I have), in the theater, or on film they are even worse company. May there never ever in the future be any excuse for such awful, affected, deconstructed examples of humanity.

  8. Chippy James says

    This is an old style british sit-com. Everything focused around one set and quite simply a stellar british cast. You really do not get people like Ian McKellen, Derek Jacobi and Frances De La Tour turning up on the same stage very often.
    Yes, the humour is a little coarser then you americans are used to. It is hard work initially, if you persevere you will get used to it. I can happily say that I recognise all of those characters among my friends and cherish them.

  9. erkang says

    I was hoping to be able to stick it out for a few episodes to see if it ever really found its footing but the laugh track… ugh…. That did it for me. Don’t the producers trust these two actors to be able to pull off a joke without needing to cue the audience with a laugh track? Too bad. It might have been fun.

  10. David says

    please stop taking this show so serious, it’s funny, it’s a comedy, it reminded me so much of the comedy style of Are you being served. All i have to the people who hate it, don’t watch it.

  11. Tatts says

    David: Nobody’s taking it seriously. The problem is that it isn’t funny. It’s just contrived and so badly written.

    Yes, there is a lot of Are You Being Served in it, and I loathed that show. The posing, the arch reactions, the constant forced insults, etc.

  12. Jay says

    I liked “Are You Being Served,” which I thought was funny and, actually, quite subversive. But “Vicious” is just embarrassingly bad. I can’t understand why Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellan would do such trash. They certainly don’t need the money, and they ought to be able to read scripts by now.

  13. Henry Holland says

    I saw it last night, I have to agree with some posters here, it’s really bad. What a dire, depressing view of gay relationships! “We’ll stay together for 48 years even though we loathe each other and oh by the way, I’ve lied to you all these years about a man who was smitten with you”.

    The two old goats leering at the young guy was icky, the writing seems to be of the “lets throw ten jokes out there, maybe two will work” style and when the best bits are the party guest complaining about the food, that’s pretty sad.

    I hope everyone involved with this is at least getting paid well.

  14. EchtKultig says

    ” with horrible writing–like Two Broke Girls”

    It made Two Broke Girls look like Ibsen! Utterly horrendous…I can’t believe any of the actors were willing to star in it.

  15. Rick says

    Hideous first episode–I actually turned the TV off in disgust before the episode was even over.

    Stereotyping of gay men as effeminate, sex-obsessed, nasty queens. About as bad as any gay TV series I have ever seen.

    Most pathetically, Derek Jacobi does not behave like that in real life and has never behaved that way in any of his roles, so the effeminacy was entirely contrived as a way of defining “gay” as “effaminate”, the way that so many homophobes do.

    Why in God’s name cannot someone make a single TV show, comedy or drama, that depicts gay men as normal, non-effeminate, mainstream people?

  16. EchtKultig says

    “it’s funny, it’s a comedy, it reminded me so much of the comedy style of Are you being served.”

    NO. Are You Being Served was actually funny.

  17. emjayay says

    Are You Being Served also has the advantage of being over forty years old. Plus more different types of characters and more satire of British tradition.

  18. David says

    everyone is entitled to their opinion, but i haven’t gotten this far in life by caring a fig what anyone else thinks. I like it, if you don’t so be it. be offended, appalled, whatever!

  19. bierce says

    The funniest thing about the show is watching two enormously talented actors performing in an utterly stupid Brit-com as if it were a respected thespian art form.

  20. Red says

    I loved it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Stuart reminds me of Mr. Humphries in “Are You Being Served” !!!!

    Loosen up people. It’s a half hour of silliness and laughter!

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