1. Robert says

    Ass-licking is the one thing I just can’t bring myself to mention to my straight friends. A lot of them want to know EVERYTHING I do in bed, and I’ve indulged them, but there’s something I draw the line at. Conversationally, at least.

  2. jarago says

    And why would he bring this up? It doesn’t seem to have a lot to do with acting- yes he seems like his character in “Looking” an airhead- a charming airhead

  3. Tony says

    Did you really just describe it as getting his ass licked in your post? I mean, I know that is what it is, but it just seemed a bit…familiar.

  4. tom says

    Pet peeve: when someone says “backslash” as part of an IP address. The backslash is use in hard drive addresses (C:rootuser). All IP addresses use regular virgules (/), commonly called “slash.”

  5. Critifur says

    And I am thinking, “How have I never gone to Shakespeare in the park?” I have spent so many days in the Sheep Meadow, but never gone to the theater! Argh. I must do this.

  6. anon says

    Groff got his start in Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock movie, where he put in one of the more charismatic performances in that low key film.

    Ass licking is a daily activity in HW, so precautions are a must.

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