1. Shalako says

    I dislike Gaga with a very strong dislike. Having said that i feel the writer of this piece has never heard a Boy George or Elton John song as it does not sound like either of them. The use of auto tune is much far less than the writer states, i was surprised how little there was based on how it is overused by today’s artists. This song is not horrible in the slightest, rather surprisingly so. The negative introduction by the writer already as people assuming it will suck when it actually doesn’t.

  2. SpaceCadet says

    I couldn’t finish it yet. Yes, the song production has some professionalism to it but the article writer is right, the vocals are blatantly auto-tuned and not even in a subtle way. A real singer would have been better. The lyrics are also pretty trite. And the sound is already dated. Sure, around the Fame-era this would fit in but it’s now 4 years too late.

  3. Qj201 says

    It’s like an 80’s jukebox tossed in a blender.

    “I wear my sunglasses at night” + “Flock of Seagulls” + “Information Society”

    I be old…I owned them all on vinyl as a teen.

  4. steve says

    He is PARTLY responsible for the creation of Lady Gaga, he CO-wrote Paparazzi. He produced 3 songs on the Fame, that’s it. He didn’t produce or help write her breakout singles which were “Just Dance” or “Pokerface” for that matter (or Bad Romance). I think this guy has lost his mind a bit – and hasn’t gotten over the fact that his relationship with Gaga is over.

  5. Thomas says

    I’m not sure if this is just an example of lazy journalism or if the author of this post is aiming to belittle Gaga’s contribution to her own work. Either way Christian Walters’s overly editorialized and ill researched article is neither subtle nor self-aware.

    Rob Fusari is credited with co-producing just three songs on The Fame not the entire album as the article suggests, he also co-wrote and co-produced Paparazzi with Lady Gaga herself.

    Elton John and Boy George? No. Ke$ha and Rebecca Black? Yes.

  6. j says

    this sounds NOTHING like Elton John or Boy George. more like Cory Hart (Sunglasses At Night) or Eurythmics (Sweet Dreams) meets Kele Okereke/Bloc Party … very little auto-tune used too.

  7. You're Irritating says

    Wow…yaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnn! No wonder people like the racist little cuntJustin Bieber and the screaming girl Ariana Grande.

  8. Steve458 says

    I got the pleasure of seeing him live in NYC last week and was blown away. You shouldn’t judge until you see him live or listen to a few other songs. I’m surprised that this journalist could get away with such a negative “review” with nothing to back it up.

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