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New Lance Bass Documentary Film Explores What It’s Like Growing Up Gay In Mississippi: VIDEO

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Native Mississippian Lance Bass has released a new documentary film exploring the battle on the part of primarily young LGBT people to bring gay civil rights and visibility to the Magnolia State – one of the two states statistician Nate Silver predicts will be the last to embrace LGBT equality.

WREG reports:

Constance McMillenThe idea for Bass’s new documentary, “Mississippi I Am,” was born when he became frustrated with the image Mississippi was getting as being anti-gay after Constance McMillen [pictured] wasn’t allowed to take her girlfriend to prom in 2010 in Itawamba County.

“The stories kept coming out in my home state and I was like, I need to figure out what to do about this. So I sent cameras down to see what the temperature really was,” said Bass.

Four years later, the short film is done and was released Tuesday on iTunes.

“Through this documentary, you see what it’s like to be a gay kid raised in Mississippi, and yes there are a lot of struggles, but in the end what’s great is the hope and the change that you’re seeing in the state,” said Bass.

Check out a trailer for the film, AFTER THE JUMP



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  1. I highly recommend seeing the documentary "Small Town Gay Bar" about the gay community in very rural NE Mississippi. It's inspiring.

    Posted by: MIke | Jun 8, 2014 3:42:15 PM

  2. I could have provided a chapter for this documentary!

    Posted by: TampaZeke | Jun 8, 2014 4:50:29 PM

  3. Third post today with "video" of the spinning Ooyala halo of "you're never gonna see it".

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 8, 2014 5:49:06 PM

  4. The extent of his entire involvement with the gay community of Mississippi was coming out to the bar in Jackson once. Turning his nose up in the air and saying this place is a dump and twirling around and leaving in under a minute. OK so it was a dump but still. Then he attached his name to the gay prom but didn't donate any money or anything. Mike is right, watch Small Town Gay Bar instead. Also, there is a documentary coming about marriage.

    Posted by: RayJacksonMs | Jun 8, 2014 5:52:24 PM

  5. Lance Bass grows up straight dating girls and bullying gay kids.. So, the total docu will be him growing up straight.

    Posted by: Moniker | Jun 8, 2014 7:11:32 PM

  6. A Mississippi Love Story is the name of the marriage documentary. Here is a trailer for it.

    Posted by: RayJacksonMs | Jun 8, 2014 7:34:09 PM

  7. $13 to view the video on iTunes...? Sorry, no.

    Posted by: derrysf | Jun 8, 2014 10:43:28 PM

  8. Y'all are some bitchy queens who obviously hate yourselves. I'm straight and watched this movie. It is incredible and not even about Lance. Y'all should be proud he made a film for y'all's asses here in Mississippi that didn't trash us. Good job Bass

    Posted by: Cindy F | Jun 10, 2014 12:53:56 PM

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