1. Ryan says

    “because of the way that its been historically used.” Tranny has been, in fact, historically used to describe tranvestites (drag queens) like RuPaul has said recently. People keep trying too add to the already growing list of forbidden words need to have a seat already.

  2. Josh says

    He was not “schooled.” In fact, it seems like he makes a very great effort to be empathetic and to understand why the term “tranny” might be offensive. I think saying he was schooled makes it seem like he was humiliated, or that perhaps he should have been humiliated. This seemed like a very educational bit of radio in which Rush learned and almost immediately internalized something that he did not know.

  3. woodroad34 says

    I’m sure he’s had sex in the dark; because most people would throw up to see that gelatinous blob naked.

  4. woodroad34 says

    He didn’t seem to be “schooled” at all; he kept using the word during each reply even after he was told it’s offensive. He kept trying to goad the caller at every turn.

  5. BobN says

    “I’m sure he’s had sex in the dark; because most people would throw up to see that gelatinous blob naked.”

    While I’m sure that would be a challenge for many, the real reason for sex in the dark is his decor. Did you see the pics when he was flogging his NY apt? H I D E O U S

  6. Carmelo says

    So… The trannies trick men into having sex with them by turning off the lights, and coerce lesbians into having sex with their “female penises” by whining about the cotton ceiling. What happened to informed consent?

    These trannies seem like fine upstanding people! Or rapists.

  7. says

    Obviously people don’t get disingenuous interest. He kept repeating tranny over and over again and the caller (and some of the commenters here) is to dumb to realize she is being made fun of

  8. Ernie says

    I thought Rush was pretty supportive and respectful, if somewhat clueless. He actually does seem pro-trans. We can add him to the list of homophobes who hate LGBs but are fine with Ts, including Pat Robertson, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and India.

    The propagandists for “LGBT” constantly tell us that LGBT makes sense because “our enemies” don’t distinguish b/t LGB and T. Of course, we should never define ourselves by what our enemies believe about us, but even if you think we should, it is demonstrably false that people can’t or don’t distinguish b/t LGB and T.

  9. Helene says

    Carmelo, there is a big rape culture problem in the trans community. Check out a Savage Love (Dan Savage) column from April, where a woman writes in about how a “transman” lied to her in order to gain access to her body. Savage turns to a trans activist for input and the trans activist scolds the female victim.

    There’s plenty of writing on the trans blogs as well about how they are entitled to sex and how it is OK to lie and trick in order to get it. They frequently say that any sex partner could be a murderer so lying is simply a defensive tactic. Of course, no one is forcing them to have sex with people they don’t know. They are perfectly free to meet people at trans events, to date other trans people, or to only have sex after getting to know a person. But they want their hookups with straight “cis” men and women, so in order to psyche themselves up for the rape-by-deception, they preemptively label their victims as potential murderers.

  10. Fenrox says

    Idiots, are you still seriously here? That any amount of “examples” of a people is representative of the whole of those people?


    Man, how thick can you get? And to have the audacity to crow about crazy trans people while being the exact same style of crazy. SO sad, and disappointing.

    And yeah, tranny is a slur. Like the Bword and the Nword, it gets used by transgendered people sometimes affectionately, but that doesn’t remove it’s insulting implication. The reason Transgender works so well is because it frames the situation and it’s severity in one word. There is no guess work as to the many other “trans” starting words that have come about in reference to trans people (Trans is a wonderful abbreviation that is not an insult and means transgendered.) Tranny sounds like a joke, like you aren’t seriously trans, like this is all some act like a drag queen. It’s insulting.

  11. Fenrox says

    @Carmelo, so are all gay men as ignorant as you? There seems to be a lot of evidence on how utterly stupid and incapable gay people are right here in the comments of this site. Sounds like since you like to pretend that all people are like all other types of that person, I must conclude that you and yours are terrible.

    This is fun right? We can all be blind TOGETHER.

  12. Tyler says

    Helene/Rick/Resident Troll: you only use this name to post hate on Trans-related stories. You appear literally no where else. Do you just refresh this site until Trans stories are posted just to post horribly bigoted nonsense? You’re a sick, sad individual. Please exit the LGBT community and go join the Westboro Baptist Church or something.

  13. Carmelo says

    Yup FENROX, you’re right–rape is only bad if it’s a cis- person doing it I guess.