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Stephen Colbert Worried About the New Gender Reassignment Medicare Rules: VIDEO


"I know I'm cis hetero Nazi scum. I accept your judgment," says Stephen Colbert in a new segment about recent groundbreaking changes to Medicare which now cover gender reassignment surgeries.

Colbert worries that because of the new rules, he'll now have to accept ugly people:

"The idea of nana and pepaw playing Mr. Potato Head downtown is that it violates the tacit agreement we have reached with the transgender community. I agree to be totally cool with it — which I clearly am, which TIME magazine clearly is, which all the people lobbying for [Carmen Carrera] to be a Victoria's Secret clearly are — as long as you are hot. But now you want me to accept unattractive transgender people? Where does it end? Will I have to accept unattractive non-transgender people? What am I made of? Humanity?"


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  1. I understand the tranny arguement that gender is a mental thing, and that tranny males identify as women.

    But biological sex is immutable. Laverne Cox remains a biological male for example despite his massive surgeries.

    Why are so many trannies demanding that such dangerous and unnecessary surgery be funded by Medicare?

    Surely if gender is only a construct then it would not matter that Laverne Cox kept his penis?

    Posted by: MaryM | Jun 4, 2014 9:34:19 AM

  2. Ah yes, marym, once again proving that ignorance is bliss by being the most blissful troll on Towleroad.

    Posted by: Kenneth | Jun 4, 2014 9:44:58 AM

  3. Stop dodging the issue Kenneth.

    If (as trannies say) gender is only a mental construct then why do they demand funding to surgically mutilate themselves?

    If gender is only a construct then it does not matter that they have a penis.

    Posted by: MaryM | Jun 4, 2014 9:48:11 AM

  4. Ooooh, MARYM got ahold of the word "construct" somehow and now tries to use it to show she got smarts. Teach at us, MARYM!

    Posted by: Hansel Currywurst | Jun 4, 2014 9:58:33 AM

  5. Sex reassignment a have been performed for over fifty years now, only anti-trans zealots call them "dangerous" or describe them as mutilation. But that's not exactly telling anyone anything new here, is it?

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Jun 4, 2014 10:00:59 AM

  6. I repeat.

    If gender is only a social construct then why do trannies require expensive and dangerous surgery to remove healthy body parts?

    Posted by: MaryM | Jun 4, 2014 10:19:30 AM

  7. Because our healthcare system is flush with funding and can afford this! This does not seem to be a good use of public funds. In my mind, I'm a man with a 10" penis. But in the flesh, I'm not. I feel like a man with a full head of hair stuck in a man's body with a widow's peak. Let's get the government to pay for it all. People should be entitled to these procedures if they want them. But they should not be funded by the public.

    Posted by: apex | Jun 4, 2014 10:19:34 AM

  8. Think of the bright side, MaryM. The only way you'll ever have balls is if someone cuts theirs off and gives them to you.

    Posted by: crispy | Jun 4, 2014 10:31:51 AM

  9. TheDrDonna, do you support taxpayer-funded castration surgery for neutrois?

    Posted by: Hanni | Jun 4, 2014 10:56:31 AM

  10. I guaranty that some trans activists will be "hurt" and "offended" by some word, phrase, facial expression or graphic used in this bit. You see, outrage is what they do. They have very little else to look forward to in life.

    These are damaged, angry, hateful people. That anger comes out in all sorts of ways and can be seen in the incredibly high trans crime rate and suicide rate. Many are virulently homophobic and they take great pleasure in using LGBs for their own ends.

    Posted by: Terrence Hull | Jun 4, 2014 11:01:53 AM

  11. @Hanni, if they get a doctor's prescription, and the surgeons follow established procedure, then yes. But even if I didn't, it does matter: do you support our tax monies going toward vouchers for schools? What about paying for more military hardware even though the army says they don't need it? Or government bailouts of ailing banks? You don't get to pick-and-choose what your tax monies pay for, and neither do I. Welcome to America.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Jun 4, 2014 11:12:25 AM

  12. *doesn't matter

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Jun 4, 2014 11:13:11 AM

  13. But if gender is merely a social construct then tranny women should learn to love and accept their cocks, rather then cutting them off?

    Posted by: MaryM | Jun 4, 2014 11:23:22 AM

  14. Dude, MaryM, sit the fuh down. Your shtick is as tired as I'm sure your face looks. Save your ignorance for elsewhere.

    Posted by: Mikey | Jun 4, 2014 11:33:43 AM

  15. @MaryM - Let me "deconstruct" it for you. For many, gender is what's between their legs. For others, it's what's between their ears. For most, it's a complex combination and may include other factors.

    You can't deal with complexity. We all get that.

    Posted by: Hansel Currywurst | Jun 4, 2014 11:42:51 AM

  16. @MaryM:

    "If gender is only a social construct then why do trannies require expensive and dangerous surgery to remove healthy body parts?"

    "Gender" is described as a social construct, and often described as "performative"--for example, when you say "I promise," your utterance IS the thing you are doing. Gender, as a social construct, often means that someone changes how they act, look, or present themselves in order to conform to that construct--or even to be intelligible as a person. In some ways, this is cosmetic; gender is performative and constructed through social mores like 'blue for boys, pink for girls, dolls for girls, guns for boys.' In some instances, this could require physical corrective surgery: if a woman has a mastectomy, and "feels" like half a woman afterward, she can seek corrective surgery to try to repair the parts of her she feels are injured.

    The differences you may be thinking of between surgery meant to "restore" a breast of a mastectomy patient and surgery that "mutilates" is a demonstration of gender as a social construct; both are in fact restorative surgeries.

    Posted by: JB | Jun 4, 2014 1:08:46 PM

  17. Gee, DrDonna, you seem really uncertain about your fellow transfolk! Neutrois are transgender. You are part and parcel of a group of castration-seekers.

    But instead of standing with your neutrois comrades, you say "if they get a doctor's prescription" you would support it. First of all, moron, doctors don't write prescriptions for surgery. Second, your response craftily avoids saying whether you think that castration surgery should be available to make neutrois happy.

    As for taxes, of course we can pick and choose where our tax money goes. We make that decision collectively. as citizens. When collective pressure is brought to bear, funding for any program can be increased, reduced, or eliminated. There is no exemption from the democratic process for for tranny body carving procedures. Trannies may think themselves special snowflakes who are entitled to burden Medicare with their demands for butt implants, but access to gel packs to satisfy your body mod fetish is not a constitutional right and so everyone gets a say.

    Posted by: Hanni | Jun 4, 2014 2:34:45 PM

  18. I don't know you personally, Hanni. But I have a suspicion that you're a major piece of trash. Like actual human garbage.

    Posted by: Tyler | Jun 4, 2014 3:27:43 PM

  19. Obvious troll is obvious.

    Posted by: TheDrDonna | Jun 4, 2014 3:28:14 PM

  20. This has nothing in any way, shape, or form to do with gay people, gay civil rights, or sexual orientation. This is related to gender identity issues - unlike the stereotypes of homophobes, gay people do not gender identity issues. No story on transgender people should ever be on gay website.

    Posted by: DB | Jun 4, 2014 3:54:10 PM

  21. The overlord DB has spoken. He has decreed that the website of others should only focus on the topic he likes/cares about. How dare the site-runners post whatever they want. Don't they know transphobic troll DB does not approve!?

    Posted by: Tyler | Jun 4, 2014 4:22:26 PM

  22. Hanni, don't waste your breath on "TheDrDonna." Someone doxed her on another site recently. Guess what? She isn't even a tranny, although she is every bit as ugly as one.

    Posted by: Tyler | Jun 4, 2014 4:35:59 PM

  23. Hahaha ever the liar, Tyler2. Care to post any proof, whatsoever? Maybe my initials? The first three letters of my street name? You've got nothing but lies.

    Posted by: Thedrdonna | Jun 4, 2014 5:09:22 PM

  24. Tyler2, aka Rick: you can't follow my anti-transphobia posts with transphobic posts under the same name. It doesn't make any sense. After years of trolling this site, have you finally run out of ideas?

    Posted by: Tyler | Jun 4, 2014 5:15:20 PM

  25. Tyler,

    Many gay men and women have issues with the "T" being included in LGB efforts. While the rights of gays and lesbians are very clear, there is a host of additional issues and intricacies facing transexuals. I'm not saying they don't need to be addressed. I support equal rights for everybody, including transexuals. But having things like publicly funded sex changes ride the bandwagon alongside the issues of "gay rights" isn't a tactic that I support at all.

    Posted by: apex | Jun 4, 2014 5:19:49 PM

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