Stephen Colbert Worried About the New Gender Reassignment Medicare Rules: VIDEO


"I know I'm cis hetero Nazi scum. I accept your judgment," says Stephen Colbert in a new segment about recent groundbreaking changes to Medicare which now cover gender reassignment surgeries.

Colbert worries that because of the new rules, he'll now have to accept ugly people:

"The idea of nana and pepaw playing Mr. Potato Head downtown is that it violates the tacit agreement we have reached with the transgender community. I agree to be totally cool with it — which I clearly am, which TIME magazine clearly is, which all the people lobbying for [Carmen Carrera] to be a Victoria's Secret clearly are — as long as you are hot. But now you want me to accept unattractive transgender people? Where does it end? Will I have to accept unattractive non-transgender people? What am I made of? Humanity?"