Morrissey Cheers the Death of a Bullfighter in New Single: VIDEO


Following his May 19th spoken word promo for The Bullfighter Dies, Morrissey has released the full studio version.

Taken from his 10th studio album World Peace Is None Of Your Business, the track opens with a sad trumpet lament and details a world in which everyone cheers when the matador is gorged to death by the bull.

As we’ve come to expect from Morrissey, The Bullfighter Dies doesn’t break any new ground but it’s quirky enough to stand out and does what Morrissey does best – sparkling indie pop with a serious subject matter and clever lyrics.



  1. Rick says

    I applaud Morrissey for his lyrics. Bullfighting is not a fair fight; it is rigged in favor of the human and it is as cruel a “sport” as one can imagine.

    I sincerely hope that the next chapter for the human race is to learn how to live peacefully with other species on this planet without exploiting them in any way, including killing them for food, and that, eventually, such exploitation will be viewed the way cannibalism already is–as reprehensible and uncivilized behavior.

    It will take a long, long time to reach that goal, but actions like Morrissey’s will help us to get there.

  2. Richard says

    What a vile and extreme message to send — spare animals but cheer the deaths of people who don’t share your sentiments. Matators are like boxers — poor kids trying to rise in a rough and dirty game. Pity them as you try to educate them.

  3. bicurious says

    I love this song, the sentiments he is expressing and his goals. Morrissey has and continues to help reduce the suffering of animals. How could any thinking and caring person find fault in that?

  4. Chlorogoth says


    I don’t think you know what bullfighting is, but still, if matadors are like boxers, then why are their opponents forced to fight for their lives, and tortured to death one with no chance of escape?

    Educate away, but matadors go in knowing they are going to be causing pain and death. Causing pain to bulls is part of their strategy to enrage, control, and avoid the bull so they can put on a good show. Comparing bullfighting with boxing is like comparing dog fighting with tennis. They aren’t similar at all, and one isn’t even a real sport. Blood sports are not sports, any more than torture is tickling, and it is f**king disgusting that people like you think they are comparable.

    It is not spare the animal and cheer the death of those who don’t share the sentiments… it’s spare the animal and cheer the death of animal torturers. I wouldn’t cheer the death of anyone who disagrees with me on torturing humans, but I would dance on the graves of those who commit torture in a heartbeat. I’m not stupid enough to forget that humans are just smart, social animals.

  5. Buckie says

    “Matators are like boxers — poor kids trying to rise in a rough and dirty game. Pity them as you try to educate them”

    Bullcrap ! Boxers very rarely die.

    It’s not a sport, it’s barbarism. The bulls are intentionally bled.

    You are the worst kind of slimeball ever.

  6. Anony6 says

    Sigh at everybody (and Morrisey) focusing on the Matador. The Matador is not the problem, it is the spanish culture.

    Cheering at the death of a Matador does nothing to address the real SOURCE of the animal cruelty. Rather, it shows the real barbarism behind Morrissey thought process and those agreeing with him here. Barbaric in every sense, crude, violent and simple.