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News: Ohio, Greg Fischer, OK Go, Allison Janney, Honey Boo Boo

RoadMan with alopecia grows full head of hair after taking arthritis drug.

SharkRoadExperts: Great White Shark numbers surging. "The scientists behind the study attribute the resurgence to conservation efforts, such as a federal 1997 act that prevented hunting of great whites, and greater availability of prey. The species is listed as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature."

RoadHoney Boo Boo hit Mama June on The Tonight Show.

RoadOhio gay marraige amendment won't make the fall ballot: "FreedomOhio's executive director Ian James also said Thursday the campaign would not have had enough money to run an effective statewide campaign this year."

RoadThere are 51.2 million refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced people worldwide.

RoadMatthew McConaughey probably won't return for Magic Mike XXL.

RoadJoe Manganiello surrounded by male strippers at premiere of La Bare.

DavenportRoadSuzette Davenport, the Chief Constable of Gloucestershire, UK, came out: "It is not tattooed on my forehead but I don’t hide it either. I could have stood up and talked about facts and figures but people would have switched off. Instead I thought it would be better to talk about something more personal to me."

RoadLead singer of OK Go and the director of their amazing new video Writing on the Wall, does a Reddit AMA.

RoadLouisville Mayor Greg Fischer joining Mayors for the Freedom to Marry: "The national group says it has the support of 400 mayors from 39 states around the country, including Bardstown, Kentucky, mayor Bill Sheckles. Fischer says gay and lesbian couples deserve the protections that only marriage can provide. He is in Dallas Friday for a meeting by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in Dallas. The group is chaired by Kasim Reed of Atlanta; Julián Castro of San Antonio; Michael Nutter of Philadelphia; Annise Parker of Houston; Greg Stanton of Phoenix; Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles; and Republican Mayor Kevin Faulconer of San Diego."

RoadAre you prepared for the return of wide-legged jeans?

RoadAllison Janney gets what she deserves.

RoadVideo: J Lo shakes her booty on Good Morning America.

QuintoRoadZachary Quinto to guest star on Girls.

RoadMichele Bachmann goes after Hillary Clinton: 'Clinton is "not commander in chief material,' said Bachmann. She then ripped the Democrat for the 'utter, abject failure' in Benghazi and said she 'fails to inspire confidence in practically anything she touches.'"

RoadWisconsin Governor Scott Walker accused of 'criminal scheme': "The documents show that prosecutors believe illegal coordination occurred in the 2011 and 2012 Wisconsin Senate and Gubernatorial recall elections and that groups like the Wisconsin Club for Growth worked with Scott Walker’s campaign arm (“Friends of Scott Walker”) to arrange undisclosed spending by an array of pro-Walker tax-exempt organizations. They note that several individuals were working both for Friends of Scott Walker and Wisconsin Club for Growth at the time, and that Walker himself boasted of the coordination in an email to Karl Rove."


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  1. I waited two decades for baggy jeans to go away; let's hope they stay away for a few years longer.

    Posted by: tominsf | Jun 20, 2014 4:15:34 PM

  2. Wait a minute...wait a minute! The little tap that Honey Boo Boo gave Mama June isn't that bad. I think Honey Boo Boo may be spoiled, but she loves her mother. And Honey Boo Boo has made a whole lot of money for that whole damn family. No, I don't want her to turn out like Baby Jane Hudson, but let's not get carried away.

    Sharks: I know we are all God's creatures, but sharks, rats, mice, roaches and possums--NO. They sould disappear from the planet Earth.

    I'm actually OK with spiders.

    Posted by: Derrick from Philly | Jun 20, 2014 4:28:18 PM

  3. I note that I cannot leave any comment on that post about "Towleroad Summer Camp" in Provincetown at the Crown and Anchor.

    That's probably a wise move.
    With all that Andrew Sullivan, Michael Cunningham, and now Towleroad holding court on Commercial Street it all is beginning to feel a tad jaded.
    Hasn't Provincetown's time come and gone:....the unendurable Tea Dance at the Boathouse, the eighties piano bar , and , my god, the Vault !

    Summer Camp ? ......more provincial ghetto.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Jun 20, 2014 4:56:12 PM

  4. "Are you prepared for the return of wide-legged jeans?"

    If it was 90s-style, sure. But 1930s style? No way.

    I rejected the whole skinny-jean disaster, and I will reject this as well.

    Fortunately, fashion is so limited that everything does come around again, and that includes good fashion. It just takes a little longer.

    Posted by: Randy | Jun 20, 2014 6:19:03 PM

  5. the only thing Bachman instills is laughter at her utter stupidity
    her mouth would be better used!

    Posted by: L G. | Jun 21, 2014 6:23:50 AM

  6. The Scott Walker commentary were just investigative notes by the prosecutor that have been brought to light in a civil suit. It would sort of be like reading the notes Newt Gingrich was writing to himself about Clinton in the nineties.

    Posted by: anon | Jun 21, 2014 12:43:42 PM

  7. Re" Wide leg jeans. In opposition to this, Tom Ford just showed what the press called "magic jeans" during London fashion week which he says, "are meant to give you a straight slim leg, but for different body types." Coming in three different fits, he explains "If you’ve got a slightly bigger butt, or bigger thighs, there’s a cut that will make you look the same way as the guy who’s super skinny."


    Posted by: Clive | Jun 21, 2014 5:13:57 PM

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