News: Sultan of Brunei, The View, Freaky Friday, SundanceTV

RoadFreaky Friday author Mary Rodgers dead at 83.

FlorentRoadComing from SundanceTV: "Alan Cumming is on board to produce a project inspired by the life of colorful New York City restaurateur and AIDS activist Florent Morellet. Morellet is credited with revitalizing Manhattan’s meatpacking district with his restaurant that became a hotbed of activity for the gay rights movement." Check out my profile on Florent from back in 2005.

RoadJenny McCarthy, Sherri Shepherd fired from The View: "TMZ says that ABC is thinking of adding dudes to the table next season and they’re talking to Ross Matthews and Jesse Palmer from the fifth season of The Bachelor."

RoadBritish Columbia, Vancouver acknowledge city and province on unceded aboriginal territory.

RoadShia LaBeouf released from custody.

RoadMichelle Williams was performing during his outburst.

RoadPrince Harry being like his mother.

SultanRoadWorldwide day of protest against Sultan of Brunei underway: "The protests called #StopTheSultan,  are being organized by LGBT groups and labor unions in every country where the Sultan’s Dorchester Collection owns hotels, according to Rallies are also taking place at the Brunei embassies in Washington D.C.; Brussels, Belgium; Canberra, Australia; Delhi, India; Manila, the Philippines; and Ottowa, Canada."

RoadA dad's unexpected advice to his gay son in the '50s.

RoadMike Rogers: Why I outed gay Republicans. "Next week will mark the 10th anniversary of the founding of BlogActive. Despite the encouragement I’ve gotten from many to keep it alive, it has been dormant for the past three years. I have left it up as an archive of my work—and a reminder of another era in our nation’s history. Thankfully, there is much less need for the blog today. No longer is my community under constant threat of having discrimination against us written into the constitution. Closeted anti-gay politicians are able to inflict less damage, and we have a national media much more open to reporting on these stories. I have no regrets at all about the work I did."

SpeedtheplowRoadLindsay Lohan cast in Speed-the-Plow in London, playing the role Madonna originated back in 1988.

RoadAnd also from SundanceTV: "'Hap and Leonard' is a 1960s-set buddy detective vehicle with comedic elements that turns on the unlikely friendship between a white Southerner and a gay African-American Vietnam veteran. Filmmakers Jim Mickle and Nick Damici are on board to direct the project derived from novels by Joe Lansdale."

RoadJoe Manganiello says male strippers defied his expectations: "No one had ever explored this, and people had just kind of sat back and had assumptions about it, but no one ever went in to explore it. They’re really likable, cool, three-dimensional guys that I had written off in my mind."

RoadAnn Coulter: Growing interest in soccer a sign of America's moral decay. "If more 'Americans' are watching soccer today, it's only because of the demographic switch effected by Teddy Kennedy's 1965 immigration law. I promise you: No American whose great-grandfather was born here is watching soccer. One can only hope that, in addition to learning English, these new Americans will drop their soccer fetish with time."


  1. damienscot says

    RE: Ms. Coulter’s remarks — The growing disinterest in anything she says is a sign of America’s growing moral wisdom.

  2. Sam says

    Speed The Plow: At least one can say Linday Lohan is an accomplished actor…and Madonna was not.

  3. Mike says

    What people outside of the far right fringe even think that she is remotely relevant? None.

  4. jjose712 says

    Ann Coulter is more stupid by the day.
    I’m not a soccer fan, even being from a country where soccer is very very big, but soccer highs and lows are not different from other big team sports.

    Her racism and xenophobia i really pathetic

  5. simon says

    Hope the Republicans will publicly denounce the racist rants of this Ann woman. She is getting more extreme and away from the conservative mainstream that she is at the edge of the cliff.

  6. johnny says

    Horse-face says what?

    Seriously, football, baseball and basketball are games from the late 1800s. This country has been populated with whites from 1600s on. I’d bet the native american population wasn’t thrilled to see any of our sports replace lacrosse…. the woman has no concept of an evolving country. This land was mostly native, spanish and french for a long time before the anglos got here. And it will change again in the future.

    She’s got issues.

  7. SoLeftImRight says

    Ann Coulter is such a gaping c*nt. I don’t know what her American roots are, but mine are as deep as they get, and I have watched as many matches as my schedule permits — usual Coulter snide comment bullsh!t. Stuff it in your pie hole and choke on it Ann. And go USA!

  8. Rick says

    “British Columbia, Vancouver acknowledge city and pro0vince on unceded aboriginal territory”

    Then the white liberals who inhabit it will just have to give it back and go somewhere else (which I am sure they will do, since they are not at all prone to hypocrisy). Or maybe they can just pay the “aboriginals” (whose ancestors actually migrated there from Asia) the value of the real estate, which should make each of them a multi-billionaire (which I am also sure they will do, since they are not at all prone to hypocrisy).

    Canada has made itself into a global laughing stock with its silly gestures of political correctness, at the same time that its companies engage in degradation of the environment all over the world and its own citizens engage in the most heinour cruelty by continuing to club baby seals to death–with the government’s blessing.

  9. Rick says

    I don’t care for Ann Coulter and while the interest being shown in the World Cup might not be an example of moral decay, it absolutely is a sign of the decline of the United States into a Third World nation populated by dark-skinned miscreants.

    And these miscreants are as homophobic as they can be and will ultimately make life hell in this country for the very gay white male liberals who are defending them in this thread.

    There is not a single true American on the US soccer team, as far as I can tell…..they are all foreigners, even the white ones (there are five Germans on the team), so I cannot for the life of me fathom why any American could give a squat about whether they win a game or not. I sure as hell don’t–in fact, I have been pulling against them in every game because they are so totally inauthentic and not representatives of the country they are pretending to represent at all.

  10. UFFDA says

    To say nothing ( about Canada) being the governmentally craven harbor of Muslim/Hindu monsters who blatantly murder their own children in what they have the backward gall to call “honor killings.” Show me a “white” culture that does that you racist people-of-color crybabies who inhabit this site. Enlightened civilization comes from the Western world and Western traditions. Except for nations that haven’t got the collective guts to stand up to the seething animals who have surrounded and infiltrated them.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Rick, when you post comments as “Enchantra” do you dress up as Ann Coulter? It would make sense.

  12. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Show me a “white” culture that does that you racist people-of-color crybabies who inhabit this site. Enlightened civilization comes from the Western world and Western traditions.”

    Yep, and show me a “white” culture that has been through 300 years of slave trade and over 150 years of colonialism.

    There were thousands of women burned at the stake in Europe over of hundreds of years to install male-centered Christianity. The “white” cultures have had their bad moments also.

    Not to mention the gas chambers and crematoriums of 70 years ago. Yes, the “white” cultures have had their bad moments also.

  13. Rick says

    “Yep and show me a “white” culture that has been through 300 years of slave trade and over 150 years of colonialism.”

    Much of Asia experienced colonialism as well, Derrick, and look at where they are vis-a-vis Africa.

    Also, Haiti has been a fully independent country for more than 200 years–and look at the place…..that is what black self-determination looks like.

    I understand your need to defend the group you are a part of and try to save face for it, but the sad reality is that Africa has always been totally backwards vis-a-vis the entire world….and no amount of excuse-mongering can cover that up….and at some point, even the most liberal of white liberals are going to have to face reality…..

  14. Elsewhere says

    Ah, Ms. Coulter, not only have I been watching soccer, but on my father’s side I have relatives who landed in America 158 years after Columbus and 126 years before the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia. He arrived in St. Mary’s, MD in 1650 and died in St. Mary’s Cloud in 1685.

    So you (and all the little Jenny-Come-Latelies from the D.A.R.) can bite me and my early American ass.

  15. jarago says

    The US Soccer Team has a player who was born in KANSAS! You can’t get more American than that!

  16. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Also, Haiti has been a fully independent country for more than 200 years–and look at the place…..that is what black self-determination looks like.”

    Rick, did you know that Haiti paid monetary reparations for a hundred years to France for Haiti gaining its independence and ending slavery? And do you know who was the main ENFORCER for continuing those reparations from Haiti to France? The good old USA.

    There is some ugly history out there for every country and culture, Rick.

  17. Rick says

    “The US Soccer Team has a player who was born in KANSAS! You can’t get more American than that.”

    Well, I assume you looked over the roster and he was the only true Americana you could find on it, so I am not sure you really made the point you were trying to make.

  18. Randy says

    “British Columbia, Vancouver acknowledge city and province on unceded aboriginal territory.”

    Give me a break. If Prime Minister Harper is good for anything, he can be good for pulling a Putin on this.

  19. DannyEastVillage says

    So “Rick” And Ann Coulter are two of a kind. Isn’t that a surprise.

  20. says

    I don’t believe Ann Coulter actually believes a thing she says. She’s just trolling for attention. It’s the only way she has a career. As a normal, convention conservative, she’d just be drowned out.

  21. Gregory in Seattle says

    Ms Coulter: One of my great grandfathers is descended from Commodore Lewis Warrington, hero of the War of 1812 and recipient of the first honorary medal authorized by Congress (not the Medal of Honor, which was established after the Civil War.) The grandfather of another great grandfather fought — and died — on the American side of the Mexican-American War, the peace terms of which increased the size of the United States by more than a third.

    Pray tell, what have your ancestors done to build this country and keep it safe?

  22. Honesty says

    oh God do NOT add Ross Matthews to The View. He is so obnoxious and not a good representation of our community at all. To be honest, it needs to stay all women – that’s what it was created to do.

  23. Dback says

    God bless Mary Rodgers. Thank you for keeping me laughing throughout my childhood and humming throughout adulthood.