News: Zachary Quinto, The Moon, Demi Lovato, Cupcakes

 roadNCLR says it won't support ENDA because of religious exemption.

Moon roadResearchers claim to have found evidence of the planet 'Theia', which crashed into Earth billions of years ago to form the Moon.

 roadVIDEO: Demi Lovato knows that aliens and mermaids are real.

 roadDon Lemon: So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using [the N-word], shouldn't you do the same?

 roadToonSeum: Pittsburgh museum faces backlash for supporting PrideFest.

 roadZachary Quinto and Matt Bomer will present a Tony Award together.

 road'Hollywood sex ring' accuser Michael Egan voluntarily withdraws his suit against former Disney executive David Neuman: "Egan’s case against Neuman appeared to crumble three weeks ago when Neuman filed a motion to dismiss that attached a 2003 declaration in which Egan said he’d 'never had any kind of physical contact' with Neuman other than non-sexual social contact and that Neuman 'never acted improperly.' A sanctions motion served by Neuman’s counsel may have underscored the apparent defects in the suit."

 roadEmily Blunt as Catwoman?

 roadGame of Thrones becomes HBO's most watched series ever.

Cupcakes roadBaked by Melissa sent these to the Towleroad office yesterday probably as a sugary ploy to get us to mention that you can get some for your Pride celebration HERE.

 roadD.C. news show properly frames NOM as 'foes'.

 roadHas Jake Gyllenhaal finally met his match?

 roadGay Bangkok nightlife hit hard by curfew: "Silom is famed for its nightlife which can stretch well after the official closing time of 2 am or 3 am for clubs during normal times before the May 22 military coup which was followed by a curfew that at first lasted for most of the late evening and night but now only applies for four hours."

 roadNetherlands senate approves zero tolerance policy for clerks who refuse to comply with same-sex marriage laws.

 roadReddit launches Utah campaign for equality.

R_paul roadRand Paul discovering he can't run for President and Senate at the same time.

 roadMassachusetts bill will help those disfigured by older HIV meds. "On Tuesday, a bill requiring insurers to pay for treatments to correct lipodystrophy (fat deposits) and lipoatrophy (wasting) finally moved out of the House Financial Services Committee of the Massachusetts legislature..."

 roadThe Washingtonian profiles Ted Olson.

 roadDelaware's Cape Henlopen High School battles over rainbow stoles, GSA: "More than a half-dozen people familiar with the school – including current and former students and a parent of students who recently graduated – told the Blade that while the formation of the GSA group this year and the gay student participation in the prom were encouraging signs, LGBT students at Cape Henlopen High School continue to face anti-LGBT bias."


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  1. So cheap to bribe y'all into a product plug, Andy? :)

    Posted by: ColinATL | Jun 6, 2014 4:01:06 PM

  2. Don Lemon is an idiot if he thinks white racists are going to stop using the n-word if black people stop using it.

    Posted by: Red | Jun 6, 2014 4:19:53 PM

  3. Baked by melissa cupcakes are terrible. Those look particularly awful. Cupcakes are not hard to do, is it sweeter than a cupcake? Yes? THEN DON'T PUT IT ON A CUPCAKE.

    People who like these are people who can drink a coke and eat a brownie at the same time. Monsters.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Jun 6, 2014 4:51:22 PM

  4. It will be great if the victims of disfigurement by the older meds can be helped. I have an acquaintance who has been disfigured by facial wasting. He was very handsome, but now he is rather reclusive.

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jun 6, 2014 5:11:15 PM

  5. the noise out of Massachusetts is interesting.

    Posted by: snork | Jun 6, 2014 5:22:46 PM

  6. I thought I was the noise out of Massachusetts, by way of LA. The big news today is that Towle -via Tyler--actually acknowledged me!
    Now I know that "Big Brother Andy" is real. After years of witty, provocative, insightful, intelligent, unique, angry, silly and stupid comments, it's nice to be acknowledged--even in a negative way. Like to keep those office bitches on their toes. The TONY goes to me.

    Posted by: Gary B | Jun 6, 2014 6:11:59 PM

  7. Thank you Dan Savage, for having no filter. I don't either!

    Posted by: Gary B | Jun 6, 2014 8:21:00 PM

  8. I'm white, but I find it repugnant when blacks use the n-word. I never hear it used by whites. Good point, Don Lemon.

    Posted by: AG | Jun 6, 2014 9:35:19 PM

  9. Those cupcakes or whatever need more Crisco! Load them up with trans-fats! No cis-fats!

    Posted by: Carmelita | Jun 6, 2014 10:07:13 PM

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