1. Mike says

    You should watch Megyn Kelly more! Everyone else does. If you thought she was tough on these two you should see her handle the incompetent in the White House. It’s masterful.

  2. Charles says

    Oh and about ‘the incompetents in the White House': I got my green card in November and I have three jobs (none one of them minimum wage) and I still have time to work on my own stuff and party.

    You’re spoiled children.

  3. Dw says

    She’s actually startlingly aggressive with the cheneys. They must have been shocked. She’s a little like shep smith in stretching the fox boundaries. You can be Ailes doesn’t like it when she strays from the company line like this. You sense she actually cares about journalistic credibility. Despite working at faux news.

  4. thom says

    …Blah, blah blah…This creep can only repeat his lies over and over again …he is a war monger and a war profiteer, nothing else. He is such a caliber of bellicose liar that he comes off as pathetic. He does not need any more forums in which he can spout his stupidity. His daughter is a creepette in her old man’s image. What a bunch of losers the Cheney family is. What a sad, irrelevant “man” he is. It is clear he is itching for more war and more combat and more blood. He is the poster boy for EVIL.May he depart this realm sooner than later…oh, and let us not forget that he was NEVER elected. He came as part of the Bush package, because their spin doctors knew “W” was in going to be in WAY over his dithering hear (and he was) the old man was going to do the dirty work and Bushie got to strut around and play “president” The people who supported that administration & put this group of thugs together… and by damn if they STILL say they support them or their idiotic lies then I am truly afraid for all of us.

  5. simon says

    It is really FOX news?
    Saddam was no saint. At least he kept the country together with a semblance of peace.
    Cheney’s gang went in and the country was totally broken. What a mess. His advisers
    should have told him the people in that region have a completely different worldview. There is no way they can impose “Western democracy” there. What resulted was chaos and sectarian violence. Unless you replace the whole population, it is hopeless. And still there are hawks in Washington who want to get “more involved”.

  6. tinkerbelle says

    First time I agree with every comment here.

    Can’t watch it either, anyway I already know the song. But how is Megyn Kelly still with Fox Noos? Maybe there still a little hope in this world.

    Has anyone started a REAL petition to take the C-word to internationl court? On my things to do before I croak list is watch this present-day Hitler (worse actually in so many ways) squirm before the powers that be at the Hague…

  7. Piet says

    My god that man is a slimeball. And there’s no way to kill him off now that he has a completely artificial heart — it’ll just go on beating until someone actually takes out the battery. Plus the daughter, sitting there smug while he lies. I wonder where they learned the arrogance?

  8. Michael says

    How in the world did anyone think this video would be a good idea?

    “I know what sounds good! Let’s remind the entire world what it was like to have the GOP control the White House!”

    The GOP must be quacking at the damage Cheney just did.

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