1. Robert says

    So fun! I feel bad for this poor band, though. They keep having to do crazy, big concept, expensive videos and radio basically ignores them and their music sales struggle.

  2. BusterLA says

    It’s all very fun and clever, but there is such a thing as making a video that completely overwhelms and/or undermines the music that you think you are trying to promote.

  3. tinkerbelle says

    I always wonder how they do these videos in one take. This was their most intriguing, probably took like 1000 times more time de do than actually writing and recording the song. I love OK GO’s music (though this song has New Order written all over it) and I don’t think the videos overwhelm the music at all, they’re just parallel works of art, an extremely pleasant bonus.

  4. Dw says

    Rube Goldberg is associated with the band ever since This Too Shall Pass. It was the ultimate Rube Goldberg video. If you haven’t seen that one you’ve got to check it out.
    This new one’s a brilliant follow up.

  5. Unicorn says


    It’s not all done in one take. If you look close enough there are parts where it breaks your vision with some sort of element so that it looks like it’s still happening in one take. For instance, the first cut happens at 0:58 when the camera moves up from the light blue polka dots to the black and white stripes. There are no actors present in this shot so they can just leave the camera in that position and keep there until the actors are ready. The smooth upward motion can be kept consistent with a motion control rig. It would be impossible to do the wardrobe changes and such if they did this in one take.

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