Pat Robertson ‘Disgusted’ By Courts Attacking Christians: VIDEO

Pat Robertson

On Monday the Seventh Circuit Court ruled that Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Elmbrook School District could not hold its graduation ceremonies at an evangelical Christian church. Justice Anthony M. Kennedy justified the ruling by stating that while adults are free to leave the room in social settings when they encounter disagreeable speech, students at a graduation are a captive audience and that holding a public school graduation at a church violates the Constitution. The school district appealed and the Supreme Court ultimately declined to hear the appeal.

Cue Pat Robertson and his entitled, crazy indignation that somehow links it all to homosexuality because of course he does. Said Robertson:

The American people wouldn’t have voted in homosexuality, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have voted in same-sex marriage, but the courts did; the American people wouldn’t have given up on the Ten Commandments and prayer in schools, but the courts insisted on it. A few unelected judges, just a few, have distorted the history of our nation to give us something that we never intended to have, and something has got to be done about it.

You can listen to Robertson speak for himself AFTER THE JUMP...