Penny Dreadful’s Passionate Man-on-Man Kiss: GIF Bag [SPOILERS]

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Josh Hartnett (Ethan Chandler) and Reeve Carney (Dorian Gray) share a lustful kiss in last night's episode of Showtime's Penny Dreadful.

The moment was GIFed by Tublr user Telebi.

A tipster alerted us to this scene last night, and after reading the NYT recap, the new show may be on our list. Should we be watching?

Let us know what you think about Penny Dreadful


  1. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Thanks for this. Josh Hartnett was considered for a role in Brokeback Mountain, and I’ve wondered what that would have been like. This helps with my wondering.

  2. JoyZeeBoy says

    My sweet Boo and I have been watching (and loving) Penny Dreadful from the beginning.

    Be prepared to leave your disbelief at the door, though, as fiction meets other fiction throughout (themes from Bram Stoker, Oscar Wilde and Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley butt right up against Wild West shows in late Victorian England).

    We love it.

  3. Bryan says

    If you mean should you start watching it for gay content, I can’t really tell you to as up until now it wasn’t even hinted, so who knows if there’ll be more(*fingers crossed*). However, 4 episodes in and it’s a very good show, so you might want to pick it up for that.

  4. David From Canada says

    This show has been getting good reviews, good publicity and word-of-mouth. In fact, we were talking about it at our Pride Center the other night.
    It has also put Josh H. back on the map again. So glad that they are not afraid to tackle a passionate man on man kiss!

  5. Grover Underwood says

    I was surprised to say the least. I thought the drinking scenes were going to lead to Dorian Gray making advances on Josh Hartnett’s character but I never thought it Josh Hartnett’s character would be the one to make the first move. Rock on!

  6. RK says

    It is a great show. Surprised it is not getting more attention within the LGBT community. Yesterday’s episode was one of its best…beats HBO’s True Blood anytime for gay themes.

  7. Lucas H says

    No really tho. Josh Hartnett is still totally f**n dreamy, and Dorian Grey is pretty! But also. I was just telling my friend yesterday afternoon about this show and how I thought Dorian Grey was gay in the book, and why wasn’t he gay in the show? And then this!!!!!!!!!! Swoon. (not to mention I was grateful that it made me completely forget seeing Red Viper’s head squished like a grape in GoT an hour earlier)

  8. Zlick says

    The show lost me when Dr. Frankenstein’s prior creation burst Alien-style, but fully formed and functional, from within the body of his latest creation. That was an absurdity too far for me, and the hottest gay kiss in the world could not draw me back in.

  9. Factoid says

    Until now same sex attraction has only been implied with Frankenstein

    Yes its a great show

  10. Factoid says

    Until now same sex attraction has only been implied with Frankenstein

    Yes its a great show

  11. WayneInNYC says

    ZLICK: You are mistaken. The First Creature (Caliban) was BEHIND Proteus and simply ripped him apart after thrusting his hands through Proteus’s seams. He clearly said “Your first-born has returned home, Father.”

  12. Michael says

    We’ve enjoyed the show, and as others had mentioned, debated the Homoerotic tension between Dr. Frankenstein and his second (spoiler) creation. Last night while watching, we both kept hoping Dorian and Ethan would have a moment, the build up was intense, and then when it happened we screamed with delight. It was passionate, and tender. Needless to say, we enjoy the show, and this was definitely a surprise.

  13. mikey c. says

    Don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh Hartnett look any sexier than in this series!

  14. says

    In spite of the lack of tongue, the gifs look pretty hot! Don’t have Showtime. Wasn’t even aware of the show.

    Hartnett showed a helluva lot more passion and commitment to the kiss (even without tongue) than VanDerBeek did in the ‘Rules of Attraction’.

  15. Eric says

    We were really hoping the Victor and Proteus thing from the other week would really happen. Then that hope… um, burst so to speak. Sigh.

  16. tim b says

    “Kiss me, darling… and help me forget that ‘Pearl Harbor’ was ever made…”

  17. coolbear says

    It’s pretty great, week after week (so far). It’s pretty clear the writers are steeped in contemporary theories of lit and horror. I teach Frankenstein and its film adaptations and they’re hitting all the key modern critical insights about it. Same with Dracula. It’s been evident from the beginning that, rather than the conventional view of sexuality in films like “Brokeback Mountain,” “Penny Dreadful” was, like “True Blood,” more interested in queerness as a refutation of the idea of a normative sexuality.
    So the characters and incidents are going to irritate some gay viewers because, as happened with the extreeeeeemely hot kiss last night, the sexuality we’re going to see is going to be associated with transgression, violence, and especially mortality. (Dorian Gray’s had two sexual scenes now, both associated with Wagner’s Liebestod.) Very much a “Trouble with Normal” rather than “Virtually Normal” view. But of course, Hamlet wouldn’t be much fun if the Dane didn’t get melancholy and if everyone survived and moved to a warmer climate.
    Dorian Gray’s the pivotal figure–he and Ethan have had sex with the same woman, and now it looks like they’re going to bang it out together. He’s there, I think, not only because he’s the kind of equivocally masculine man some straight men can feel comfortable seeing as a sex object, but because while Frankenstein and Dracula both uncouple sexuality from reproduction in favor of fantasies of immortality and unending bliss, Dorian Gray makes the case for sexuality as aesthetic pleasure, with no other aim. In fact, Dorian and Ethan are such obvious antitheses, it’s kind of awesome that the series has hooked them up so early on. It suggests that there are many other forbidden areas to be invaded in this series.
    By the way, the scenes from next week made it clear that Vanessa has more than sisterly feelings for Mina. I think that by throwing us the Ethan-Dorian kiss first, the series is showing it’s not interested just in pandering to straight guys’ prurient interest in girl-on-girl action.
    And remember: they’ve still got mummies and wolfmen coming down the line. They’ve created an amazingly productive little gimmick here–much more than American Horror Story, they have the potential to plunder the whole canon of horror very appealingly.

    And by the way, gay men should appreciate Simon Russell Beale’s performance as the enchanted Egyptologist as much as that kiss. Utterly delightful, and the actor is something of a hero in British gay circles.

  18. EchtKultig says

    “the sexuality we’re going to see is going to be associated with transgression, violence, and especially mortality.”

    The fact it’s taking place in a television series named after cheap, working-class horror novellas of the Victorian era is a clue, as well.

  19. EchtKultig says

    “the sexuality we’re going to see is going to be associated with transgression, violence, and especially mortality.”

    The fact it’s taking place in a television series named after cheap, working-class horror novellas of the Victorian era is a clue, as well.

  20. jarago says

    Love this show-classic horror- I did think that the gay angle was going to be in Frankenstein but this is one hot pleasant shock.

  21. tony says

    Liked it from the beginning – really liked the ethan dorian lusty kiss – but am finding the series a bit slow going. Lets skip to the chase and get this thing going. Or are they afraid it will be really popular and need to be eked out over the course of 3-4 seasons?

  22. says

    In earlier episode Reeve’s body was full-blown nude from the rear while humping . He was ripped and cut on a 6′ frame. And a Michaelangelo’s David ass.

    As for their kiss, I can’t imagine which one I would rather be, Reeve or Josh!

  23. scudpipe says

    Loving Reeve as Dorian Gray. His scenes with Vanessa are the best. The absinthe laden kiss with Ethan was nice and slightly unexpected. I thought it may have happened but didn’t think it would go there until after the fifth glass of the green fairy.
    Thanks Coolbear for the name of the Egyptologist. I loooove his character…

  24. Michael says

    Watched all four episodes to get to this kiss. The chemistry between Frankenstein and his “2nd” monster was a lot hotter and the show kind of took a sour, and really boring, turn when the 1st monster showed up.

  25. Rowan says

    Interesting, Americans really like the cr*p that we produce simply because it’s a period piece….huh.

  26. caperboi says

    zlick, he wasn’t inside the creature, he was behind him and punched through his chest. i’ve had to correct a few people on that, it should have been clearer the way it was filmed

  27. Austin78759 says

    Great show so far. The passionate kiss was expected but more of a shocker when the other guy made the move – not Dorian.

  28. Michael says

    The instant I saw Dorian place those sugar cubes over the glasses, I know there was going to be some Absinthe sippin’ about to happen and that was sure to lead to a very, very interesting evening. Really is too bad they outlawed that drink here in the U.S.