1. jans says

    First political ad I find “adorable” (and effective at the same time). And not just for the gay bit, although it’s refreshing that it’s so natural.

  2. David From Canada says

    Charming, thoughtful, and sounds like he would make a great Mayor. And good for him for showing his husband in the ad! People need to see this.

  3. Jere says

    This guy is hilarious and I would totally vote for him if I lived in his town. It would be like voting for Leslie Knope. And as a bonus, his husband seems super-cool. Providence couldn’t ask for a better first couple.

  4. juan says

    I live in Providence and to be honest this seems like a corny crappy apple video explaining the new iPhone. I don’t know I’m not taking him seriously in this campaign ad.In this moment in time I will have to say I pass.

  5. Jason says

    To Jackster and Juan: I’m a Rhode Island native who now lives in San Francisco, and while I have to agree that Providence is not the SF of the northeast (lol), it IS a surprisingly progressive and cosmopolitan city for its size. I’d compare it more to a mini-Portland in some regards… good restaurants, fairly good gay scene (in some ways a better one than Boston, though that’s not saying much), great architecture, etc. Rhode Island has its problems, especially economically, but Providence is kind of a hidden gem.

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