1. Tonez says

    Can`t people just be who they want to be without people being bitches about it. If you don`t like beards then you don`t have to like them. Big deal. I`m not into hairless buff dudes but don`t go out of my way to advertise anti-waxing. Such a shallow and outdated way of viewing people around you.

  2. Heartboy says

    I agree with Tonez.

    It’s kind of disgusting and horrible that capitalism continues to breed body self hate among people. Gay vs Straight. Beards vs Smooth. Young vs Old.



  3. Kissyfur says

    And I bet all of you queens complaining about beards would be waiting at a chapel with a wedding dress on if any of those models asked you out. But really, who gives a frick what you think is hot?

  4. johnny says

    I get this feeling the models are all graphic designers.

    Anyway, yeah, do whatever you want, any style is in now, shaved or hairy.

    If you don’t like beards, don’t grow one and don’t date guys with them. That leaves them for the rest of us who love bodies that are hot, natural and not preened to death.

  5. Dback says

    Points for ingenuity; I just disagree with their attitude, in that a bit o’ scruff (or even a beard) only makes a man hotter to me. But hey, they’re trying to sell razors, so of course they’re going to take the anti-facial-hair approach. Whatever.

  6. leprechaunvict says

    I’m not on the Twittertubes, but if I was I’d respond to Schick’s #freeyourskin with #lowerthepriceofyouroverratedrazors. I love furry men 😉

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