1. JackFknTwist says

    I don’t want to comment on the quality/authenticity of the comments read out….such a hoot !

    But I could really do without fat or thin women invading our bars, sniggering at our social pick up sites, patronizing what we do or say, giggling with high pitched squeals at any thing in our lives.
    Go get your own lives.
    Funny, Andy ? No.
    Irritating in so many ways, yes.

    Maybe they can all get tickets for summer camp in P’town and stop boring the rest of us into some catatonic.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    Comments like those are the reason I love Douchebags of Grindr. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be on the same planet with some of those guys. Many are racists and of course, ageist.

  3. Matt says

    I thought it was hilarious. But really, if you captured anyone comments or actions when they were super horny, including these women, and then replayed it for people just sitting in front of their computer ready for some comedy, it would be funny.
    If you aren’t in the mood for it, it all just seems silly.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    And why the hell is this sneering, adolescent coven being given space on this page ?

    I think we can set our own standards for ourselves; we can loath the nonsense of some Grindr/Scruff etc. postings; we can and we do criticize our own……..we do not need or want belittling from this hen party..

  5. says

    If men did a video on how women acted on dating/hookup apps, it’d be a video of them just sitting there doing nothing and waiting for someone else to do all the work.

  6. woodroad34 says

    I want to hear some Lesbian pick up lines….I don’t know if I’d be grossed out or find them equally as funny.

    Straight pick up lines are probably more hilarious.

  7. JackFknTwist says

    @MIKE :

    Oh yeah ?
    Think about that.
    @SLH :
    ‘what they see in the mirror’…..seriously ?
    So anyone who criticises this garbage is seeing themselves in the mirror
    Jesus !
    @MIKEY :
    ‘A sense of humour’ ?
    I might find this funny if I was twelve !

  8. Hrm says

    Oh man, look at the fools being outraged when women make fun of trashy hookup sites! Do you get as upset when your gay friends make fun of women’s bodies, vaginas, etc?

  9. Rick says

    Another illustration of what women REALLY think of gay men and sex between men. Contempt, disrespect, ridicule, condescension–this is how women behave towards gay men when they are out of sight…..and not waiting on them hand and foot, as their hairdressers, florists, interior decorators, and general fops who keep them entertained.

    And some gay men, especially the effeminate ones, are either so foolish or so lacking in self-respect, that (as the comments in this thread from HRM, SLH, Mike in the Tundra, Mikey M and other woman wannabes demonstrate) that they actually defend the women who view them with such contempt.

    In a broader sense, though, this exercise is just one more indication of how deeply threatened all women are beginning to feel by changes in the male culture, with homophobia among men dissipating, setting the stage for all men to be emotionally, socially, and sexually independent of women…..and once that occurs, women will be stripped of every last vestige of power, as they deserve to be.

    When your only real asset is a smelly hole between your legs and a couple of floppy milk-jugs, that is the risk you face–after all, pretty much all progress in the world has been the consequence of male achievement–and continues to be–and always will be, given the inferiority in every way of the female sex.

    I cannot wait for the backlash that is coming….it is going to be one satisfying sight to see…..

  10. Rick says

    “Learn how to have a sense of humor. Jesus”

    Tell me, how humorous would those of you defending these women regard this video if it were straight MEN engaging in the same sort of behavior? You would not consider it humorous at all, would you?

    As yourselves why that is…….

  11. Rick says

    For example, when my mother caught my performing fellation on my sleeping grandfather she chastised me for it. Can you believe her insensitivity? Only a woman would be so selfish as to not allow me the one thing that brought me joy in life – performing oral sex on an unconscious septuagenerian.

    The only good thing about women is that their menstrual cycles necessitate a market for tampons and maxi pads, both of which I use to deal with my constant anal leakage. Not from having too much sex, mind you, as I’ve never had sex – but because I’m simply so full of S**t that it’s constantly trying to escape my body.

  12. JackFknTwist says

    And some of you think that your comments on this thread are above the asinine comments of GRINDR.

    As I said, we can censure ourselves; we don’t need patronizing women to do so.

  13. UFFDA says

    As for on line comments anywhere…would anyone ever take up – and record – reading of the many poignant, profound and heartfelt things that people say on any number of things? Is there a website for any of this anywhere? Would it ever be noticed?

  14. Rick says

    You’re right. I’m very threatened by Kiwi, UFFDA. He does what I will never be able to – stand up like a real man. Anonymity is all I have, and that’s a sad sad thing for a grown man like myself.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    The Lesbian woman with the short hair cut and gray hair was sexy. Strap-ons AINT out of the question with me.

    @ “I cannot wait for the backlash that is coming….it is going to be one satisfying sight to see…..”

    Well, Rick, if you stand with your back to a full length mirror holding a hand mirror in your hand–I guess you could see it now.

  16. Rick says

    Since you chimed in Derrick, I should point out that the contempt that women feel for gay men–as strong as it is–does not even remotely compare to the contempt they feel towards trannies and other gender-confused men such as yourself…….which is why women will never, ever regard you as real women or admit you into their social circles.

    Which has to sting……and which leaves you and others like you in Nowhereland, doesn’t it?….which, in turn, I guess, explains all your self-destructive behavior and why most of you are dead before the age of 40……

    Women have no more use for woman wannabes than they do for masculine men who don’t want or need them for anything. Painful truth for you……

  17. UFFDA says

    Exactly, Rick. And thank you for sharing your story about your mother forbidding you from performing oral sex on your older male relative. That was very brave of you. Tell me, how did you father feel about you fellating *his* father?

  18. Chad says

    This was hilarious and the same thoughts go through my head when I’m on one of these apps. who really talks like that, and if they do they need a bar of soap and a cold shower!

  19. Derrick from Philly says


    Rick, you have no evidence what so ever of what you’re claiming.

    Yes, I’ve met some nasty, mean, anti-Gay women (usually they were horny and lonely as hell), but I’ve also met some women who were very supportive of Gay men–and important for me, they were supportive of GAY BOYS…in the 1970s.

    LOL. You keepa’ going with this crap. What do you have–an Energizer battery? And please don’t tell where the battery is installed.

  20. Rick says

    “@Jack-If it’s the women that upset you, here are some gays doing the same thing”

    Seriously? You cannot see the difference between a group making fun of itself and being made fun of by people who do not belong to that group?

    This is like saying that it is OK for white people to use the N-word, since many blacks use it to refer to each other.

    Or that it OK for gay men to ridicule women for their inferior achievements in virtually every realm of society (why is it, for example, that, although women do most of the cooking in the world, almost all the great chefs are men?) Man, we could really get some humor out of that situation, couldn’t we?

    And let me repeat my question to you. If STRAIGHT MEN made a video of this sort rather than women, would you think it was “hilarious” then? If not, then why not?

  21. Mike in the Tundra says

    “Or that it OK for gay men to ridicule women for their inferior achievements in virtually every realm of society? ”

    Making fun of someone is 100% better than that little bit of prejudice. You hate everybody except some ill conceived notion of a masculine gay man. I would suggest that you go out and get laid, but first you would need to find someone to do that. There is no one that stupid in the entire world.

  22. Lucas H says

    What is up with these comments??? Ya’ll are WAY too serious, that $4!t is funny. As for authenticity, I’d easily believe they are real. People say crap like that all the time on there.

  23. UFFDA says

    I’m the real UFFDA and I never badmouth RICK (though he’s far too severe about effeminant men, who often can’t help it.) Otherwise he has a lot of valuable insights the likes of which are only rarely found among the towleclones, God love ’em.

  24. Sean Maloney says

    Hey, Rick, do you have a mother? Without her, you wouldn’t be here so stop already with all the female-bashing. It just makes you look shrewish and deranged.

  25. greenfuzz says

    For being such a macho man you have very thin skin if these woman bother you Rick. You’re a one trick pony and very boring. What exactly did your mother do to you?

  26. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Rick – what question? I really don’t hang on your every word. In fact, I try to ignore them. They’re just not always easy to ignore. I really do like the fake posts.

  27. NwYrkr says

    Quite funny. In my old internet hook-up days I always thought a lot guys were really gross and hearing these things read out loud confirms that, except for the one about pissing off the Christians that was genius.

  28. Markt says

    I think the women were envious of the just-put-it-out-there grindr dialogue. They judged it but they are both envious and a little horrified. Of course they could have read it as if the the Queen of England or Joan Rivers or whatever – that would have been funnier.

  29. EchtKultig says

    “just more anti-gay culture from women.

    Do they ever parody straight males?”

    Apparently, you’ve never watched a straight female stand-up comic in the last 25 years.

  30. ShiverMeTimbers says

    The following quote is the only time I have ever agreed with something Rick said. – “You cannot see the difference between a group making fun of itself and being made fun of by people who do not belong to that group?”

    And this following quote is the only time I can remember agreeing with something ECHTKULTIG said. – “Apparently, you’ve never watched a straight female stand-up comic in the last 25 years.”


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