1. pete n sfo says

    That photo is barely Sinead.

    Actually, I can’t believe she allowed them to use it. She’s portrayed as about half the size she actually is.

  2. Jason says

    She appears to be releasing a series of images that have her using clothes and wigs to create different, highly stylized, obviously photoshopped personas. She’s probably making a statement, and if we know Sinéad, we know that she will, eventually, thoroughly explain herself.

  3. Dave says

    I don’t think the weight loss has been photoshopped. Here’s a recent video showing her at about the same weight as in the recent photos:

    She’s open about her bipolar disorder, which is a really destructive disease when left untreated, and it’s often difficult to get all symptoms to abate. Often the medications used to treat the disease are major weight-gainers (usually 25-75 pounds) causing major food cravings and the like. Maybe she’s been able to change her medication to ones that don’t cause much if any weight gain. In fact, some can cause weight loss.

    There is already enough stigma regarding people who suffer from mental illness without them being labeled “batshitcrazyfuckinginsane”. People who suffer from mental illness are no more batshitcrazyfuckinginsane than people who suffer from MS, cancer, Parkinson’s are lazy. A disease is a disease and the symptoms are what they are.

  4. Thomas says

    It’s not just photoshop, Sinead actually did loose a significant amount of weight. And Sinead has worn wigs in the past as part of her image. Anyway…

    Take Me to Church is pretty good. I’m far from a religious person, but Sinead O’Connor is at her best when she is singing about her faith. Her voice has really held up beautifully over all these years.

  5. Wil says

    Really looking forward to this album– her last one was actually incredible (check our her cover of “Queen of Denmark”). I do worry that she has lost a lot of her range, and I think in part it may be due to smoking. Her spoken voice lately is really deep. But, even what’s left sounds incredible– she is profoundly talented, and should be considered courageous for speaking out against abuse in the Catholic Church since before almost any other prominent individual.

  6. scudpipe says

    @Mike – good memory re the Hozier song with the same title. I wonder if Take Me to Church is an Irish saying with more meaning than the obvious.
    I like how Sinead sings to take her to the church that doesn’t hurt, that it ain’t the truth, and that’s it’s not what it’s worth.
    Her work with John Grant is wonderful and I second Wil’s admiration of the cover of John’s song Queen of Denmark. The Wolf is Getting Married single is tops too from that release.
    Lion and the Cobra was the first CD I ever bought and although I didn’t love everything she created, I always came back to her music.

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