1. simon says

    Someone must have put a banana skin there. Now his advisers told him to send a more “inclusive” message, preparing him for his 2016 run for president.

  2. woodroad34 says

    ‘listen, you may not agree with all of my positions but getting you and your family and your loved ones the opportunity to live a better life’

    Okay, so give Jason Hanna and Joe Riggs the right to be the parents of their baby on the birth certificate and not just the mother. Hypocrite, liar, cheat, new-Bush.

  3. Hansel Currywurst says

    I know it’s a verbal quote, but “mosaid of a country”? I hope he said “mosaic” and not “Mossad” (although Wolfe Blitzer could comment on that).

  4. clint says

    I wish he was successful with his desire for Texas to secede the union. When the state caught fire, we could just let it burn while we point and laugh.

  5. Steven says

    I think his new sentiments and heart-felt beliefs (that his speech writer gave to him this morning) are really good. If we could stop having to worry about getting fired or having our children taken away or getting health coverage with our partners, we could focus on having better paying jobs and living happier lives.

  6. Tony says

    To make this short and sweet. What he’s saying is: “I should have lied about my real opinion, so I could get more people to possibly vote for me”.

    It won’t work Rick…the people you’re counting on to vote for you won’t like this new middle of row Rick Perry. They’ll say you’ve sold out.

  7. Jerry says

    The Texas GOP bigwigs are still swimming in the middle of embarrassed about how big an idiot Parry seemed back in the 2012 primaries. To say that his base has eroded is an understatement, so “selling out” is the least of his concerns.

  8. Keith says

    This wasn’t an apology. . .nothing he stated directly recanted his previous statements. All he is admitting is that he should have avoided the question and obfuscated his response here in San Francisco when he made the comparison. It changes nothing. However, I will take BOBN to task. . .we will never forget, but as some point for those who have harmed us, we must forgive. It’s the right thing to do even when it is the hardest of tasks to accomplish. Grace, laughter, love, kindness, generosity and compassion. . .above all.

  9. JackFknTwist says

    Oh yeah, Rick……avoid social issues, they will only expose you as a hick bigot.
    Peddle the line about jobs……..oh, and don’t get caught on tape writing off the 47% of voters a la Romney, who will never vote for you.

    You will secretly take Koch money; you will secretly pander to the tea baggers at closed meetings; you will preach about god instead of running a secular campaign…….you will be your same unreconstructed Texas loud-mouth.; you will say a prayer before meetings like some delusional Savanrola.

    And you will lose.
    There is a new generation and a new world out there with better fitting suits.
    You are waffling on about secession and abolishing departments of government which you can’t remember.

    Hillery will ultimately chew you up; but you won’t get near running against her.Even the GOP couldn’t seriously do that.

  10. Bull$hit Translator says

    “Well, look, y’all…Gays…I can’t offer you Marriage Equality in Texas, because….well, I just don’t want y’all to have it. How about a low-wage job instead, with no health benefits? Y’all can pay taxes just like everyone else, but y’all just cain’t claim the full benefits can protections of the law like everyone else. Whaddaya say?”

  11. wslandry says

    Bill Maher said last week that all 248 Republicans in Congress now are all Christians and only one black person. This is there new way of trying to win in 2016 by deception and glossing over social issues. Oh try having family in Kansas and see how freaking warped the mind set is.

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