1. Ryan says

    Don’t worry kids. We thought those videos were lame when we were kids in the 90s, too.

  2. says

    Notice how the reactions are always the same with the same almost scripted responses and extreme hand gestures. Is it a coincidence that all the kids listed as being on this, at IMDB are also actors with parts in commercials and shows? Or do all the kids in this candid video just happen to become actors afterwards? Or, is the entire series scripted with actors?

  3. gr8guyca says

    This is like watching an infomercial on TV now. It’s stupid, badly written, badly acted, and totally lame. It is now and it was then.

  4. AL says

    Another video of spoiled American brats who think they’re all that because they were born after a technology was invented and didn’t have to learn it and realize the beauty of it like we did (and I’m only 34). They know how to use those tools but they have no clue how they work. I couln’t watch the whole video, it was too annoying.

  5. Matte says

    Agree with the previous comments about how poorly this video series is made. Obviously fake.

  6. bunbury says

    His only reaction is to punch someone in the face? This is what’s wrong with kids today.

  7. Tristram says

    the kid who wants to ‘punch someone in the face’ is a typical sheltered teen of today. Maybe if they hadn’t grown up wrapped in cotton wool and desensitised by non-stop graphic sexual and violent images online without ever experiencing anything in the real world they’d be a little brighter and more grounded. I’m in my late twenties and yet feel SO removed different from this generation. Will be interesting to see how they develop!