1. Robert Rhea says

    Why is this constantly posted on here? Its not News, Its not Culture, Its Not funny. What it is – a collection of poorly written stereotypes with even worse acting. I could watch “The Lair” or any David DeCoteau 1313 movie if thats what I wanted to see.

  2. oncemorewithfeeling says

    I live for these.

    The zombie-like line delivery. The lack of chemistry between all of the cast. The insane island castaway look that the black guy has committed to.

    And what is up with the least-conventionally attractive guy? He didn’t really leave the show? How kooky! (Seriously, I hope it wasn’t something bad that’s kept him out of it.)

    Now that this episode has plunged the show into “The Prisoner”-like territory, anything can happen!

  3. davis says

    Given the number of these crappy videos you guys have posted, I’m starting to suspect that Towleroad is paid to post these. Does anyone know if Towleroad posts sponsored posts? If so, are those posts noted as such so we know when it’s really an advertisement?

    Also, why on earth has this been tagged as “news”?

  4. Ryan says

    I am guessing one or a couple of these guys are friends with the people who work on this blog.. I have seen a couple of this videos before and haven’t found any of them funny at all.

  5. Randy says

    I’m with Luke on this. Is this something I’m supposed to know? I’m still disoriented because another blog told me I’m not even Canadian. Apparently I’m not good at being things that I am.

  6. epic says

    all the posts are sponsored, there are ads everywhere…and they all link back to google adsense, facebook, etc

    if you dont like something don’t click on it, its counted as a view, views are good, they couldn’t care less about your opinion.

  7. BubbaQ says

    Don’t understand the comments. If you don’t like these videos, stop watching these videos. Yet, every time people are here indicating how much they hate these videos.

    I think the comments make the video even funnier since it seems like every one of the comments would work perfectly in the next video.

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