Transgender Woman Murdered In Baltimore, Few Details Known


A transgender woman known as Kandy, but whom the police identified as Ricky Carlos Hall, was found murdered in a field in Northeast Baltimore this week.

She was found at 6:30 am on June 3rd in the 1400 block of Fillmore Street. Details of the murder have not yet been released by the police. 

From The Baltimore Sun:

Acting Capt. Eric Kowalczyk, a police spokesman, said he took part in a conference call with leaders of the LGBT community on Wednesday evening to discuss what police know about the case — which apparently isn't much.

"We need the public's help trying to find out who is responsible for this," he said. "We don't know how the homicide occurred yet. We're waiting for the medical examiner to do the autopsy."

Jacqueline Robarge, whose organization Power Inside works with at-risk women, said there is a pattern of violence targeting vulnerable women. She said the lack of information about the case was troubling.

"Whatever information can be shared, to help people on the street understand how to keep themselves safe or contribute to a perpetrator being caught, I think that would be important," she said. "Just saying that someone was found is not sufficient if they have other details about a possible m.o."

The police were also criticized for initially referring to Kandy as a man, but the article notes that the police have been stepping up efforts to engage with the LGBT community. For more on the case and efforts to improve relations between police and the LGBT community in Baltimore, check out the full article

Baltimore is no stranger to anti-transgender violence. In 2011 Tyra Trent was found asphyxiated in a basement, without any identification on her. She had experienced violence and great stigmatization in the years before her murder. Also in 2011, transgender woman Chrissy Lee Polis was brutally beaten inside a McDonald's, while being filmed by an employee. 

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    Transwomen are murdered all the time. Some of these murders receive attention in the Gay press, but most murders of Transwomen are ignored by the mainstream media. Their lives don’t seem to matter.

    Yeah, it’s not right.

  2. Mike in the Tundra says

    If the police don’t know how the murder happened, how do they know it was a murder? I’m not being snarky, I really want to know.

    Now, before the trolls show up, a life is lost. It’s a sad story.

  3. Terri says

    I have to agree with Derrick that the media need to do a much better job covering the issue of murders involving transwomen. Towleroad has failed to cover many, many murders and homicides.

    For instance, this one:

    Or this one:

    Or these:

    Or this homicide:

    Why do you suppose all these killings don’t get covered on Towleroad? Towleroad needs to stop the trans erasure. The murders and killings of transwomen need to be exposed.

  4. Bikkhu says

    It sort of sad that the pro-trans people celebrate violence here all the time, but then denounce it when it hits a transgender. Just last week, people were cheering a video of a tranny assaulting a guy on a city bus. “About time!” “You werk!” and all that crap. A number of commenters on trans-related posts also get violent themselves, wishing death on others or opining that anyone who disagrees with them should be hit.

    Well, violence breeds violence people.

  5. petey says

    This is horrible. However, it’s important to keep an open mind as to who might have committed this crime. It’s not automatically a ‘transphobic’ crime.

  6. Missanthrope says

    We’ll see what this story is about when the facts come out. But as a transwoman who has been around the block, I can tell you that Kandy probably wasn’t working as a CPA.

  7. Angela Channing says

    In Baltimore, as in many other cities, neighborhoods are like small towns and it seems like everyone knows everyone else. There are people that know something about this crime. They probably won’t come forward because they think trans people are not human. Sadly, trans persons (even while trying to keep a low profile) become well known through neighborhood gossip and are targeted for violence just as they are walking down the street. They were not turning tricks or doing drugs as the stereotypes say. They were just minding their own business trying to make their own way.

  8. Dennis says


    I also have wondered why Towleroad won’t cover the story of Kryzie King and her murder of 4-year old Myles. That was front page news. It’s disgusting how some lives are given more value than others. If the victim is trans, it gets covered but if the perp is trans, forget about seeing it here.

  9. SpaceCadet says


    Um, maybe because this blog is rightfully covering stories about attacks and discrimination against all members of the LGBT community? What does a criminal act perpetrated by someone who is LGBT have anything to do with this blog furthering the progress of this community? It doesn’t. If it opens to stories about transgenders killers than why not include stories about heterosexual killers? See, just as irrelevant to this blog. Don’t like it, go elsewhere and start your own blog.

  10. says

    Heartbreaking. Transpeople face violence and a daily culture of ignorance, and willful ignorance, and it’s disgusting. Every day they face a world that grinds its heels and refuses to learn and understand and grow.
    The hateful comments in here are nothing new – and i take solace seeing that they’re only ever coming from the same worthless anonymous coward.

  11. Dennis says

    Um, this is a news blog. It isn’t supposed to cover only those stories that make you feel good. It certainly covers stories when LGB people are accused of something. It covered that story about that male model who went crazy and killed his lover for example. But a transgender tortures and murders a 4-year old boy and it isn’t covered? No, that is blatantly dishonest. Too bad you care more about transgender propaganda and not at all for a 4 year old boy who was killed.

  12. Terrell says


    I am the nephew of Ricky Kandy Hall, holder of his ashes, and death certificate. The tragic end to Kandy’s life, was not one that was expected or warranted. Despite the brevity of articles related to Kandy’s murder, the implications of his published police record, and negative contributions from the narrow-minded… the beauty of Kandy’s humanity will not be overshadowed. The last few years for Kandy were transitional and progressive, on all levels. For the first time Kandy was able to find normalcy in living– having suffered a life of physical, emotional, and mental abuse. Should his life story be presented correctly, it would be a tale of both tragedy and triumph… Since Kandy’s murder, the shadow of tragedy has temporarily overwhelmed the light of his life in most media pieces.

    Kandy survived personal challenges, public struggles and discrimination for 40 years in Maryland. His rehabilitation and reentry into the public world, redefined his character beyond the last decade of interactions with local authorities. He made these changes with the love and support of friends who became family, other loved ones of the community, and some direct family. Still, it was his own strength and diligence that manifested the positive changes of character and in life. One June 3 2014–his life was taken in the City of Baltimore, and taken from all those who loved him. There is no excuse, there are few answers, and great injustice to many as this case remains unsolved.

    I am asking for any available information and assistance, in resolving the brutal murder of my Uncle Ricky… This senseless murder occurred over a month ago, but the case is still open. My aim is to apply continued pressure on the appropriate authorities of Baltimore, to ensure that answers are actively pursued. I am open to any additional insights and assistance that would help solve this terrible crime, and prevent crimes like this in the future. We hope to arrange a memorial ceremony in Baltimore for Ricky Kandy Hall, with the help of the family and the local community.

    We (the family and friends) will never forget….

    Best Regards,
    Terrell Freeman Dey
    40 Parole St
    Annapolis MD 21401

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