1. SFshawn says

    UN has been an ineffective and useless organization since it’s inception. Very regressive. Willfully ignorant of the world around them.

  2. RK says

    At the end of the day, Gay people have to take matters in their own hands. Don’t count on breeders to help you…take care of our own!

  3. Frogview says

    and what significant changes has the UN contributed to the world? It has turned into a joke.

  4. says

    He is not the first embarrassment for the UN, Kurt Waldheim, a former Nazi, was the President of the General Assembly. The US, having the ability to veto, should have exercised that privilege.

  5. Hansel Currywurst says

    “I have never been found corrupt” is not the same thing as “I am not corrupt.”

  6. Rowan says

    No one cares. And lgbt people are too busy fighting Rupaul about the word tr@nny, then doing anything about the real horrors that are affecting gay people.

    RK, it’s true. The gay international assembly is…non existent.

  7. keating says

    It’s especially disappointing given that the UN’s secretary general has been such a supporter of LGBT/human rights

  8. Mike says

    Some more of us could have signed that petition and done more work to prevent this if Towleroad had published the story weeks ago when I first submitted it, but I guess those celebrity stories had to take priority.

  9. Vint says

    @JMAC: The Secretary General is appointed by the General Assembly on the recommendation of the Security Council, so having veto power on the Security Council amounts to having veto power over the appointment of any specific Secretary General candidate. If the Security Council doesn’t nominate a candidate, he can’t become Secretary General.

  10. Jmac says


    If he had been elected Secretary General then that might matter but he was elected president

  11. Vint says

    @JMAC: Oops, color me silly. Sorry to be purveyor of misinformation; thanks for correcting it, and I’ll try to read more carefully.

  12. candide says

    this is part of the american evangelicals global anti-gay strategy. they stir up intense homohatred in as many third world countries as they can so that the un will be unable to pursue a pro-equality agenda. they are doing the same thing in eastern europe in order to slow down equality in the european union as well.

  13. Kev C says

    Creepy. The UN has a weird internal culture, very cult like, lots of bennies, pretty corrupt.

  14. Kevin says

    I wonder, would the UN have elected someone on record calling Africans or Jews “disgusting”?

    The UN just gave itself a big black eye.

  15. JackFknTwist says

    @ RK :

    I totally agree. We need to wake up and organize for the coming backlash.

    But instead what’s sites like Towleroad doing ?
    Arranging free tickets to the Crown and Anchor in jaded faded P’town.
    Spare me !

  16. Myackie says

    @ Kevin…nearly the entire UN has called Jews worse things…the UN has no morals and is now controlled by dictators and fascists.