U.S. Navy Ship Command Undermines Observations Of Pride Month: VIDEO


  1. Enchantra says

    I’m at a loss as to why there is a gay pride month on ship. As a rule, military units try to stress unity and cohesion, not differences and identities.

  2. J.J. in the Navy says

    The military celebrates diversity all the time. We all come from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and sexual orientation anyway…doesn’t change the fact that we wear the same uniform. Pride month is just another thing that’s celebrated now that DADT is gone.

  3. Caleb in SC says

    When I was in the Navy, we observed African-American history month. What is the big deal about this? By the way, if you haven’t served, shut your pie hole — you haven’t earned the right to comment about the military.

  4. anon says

    ENCHANTRA…. I wonder if they celebrate Black History Month on ships or Christmas, Easter maybe. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day perhaps? If they do, none of these stress cohesion and unity. They all stress differences and identity.

  5. GeoffreyPS says


    So Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are off the table then? Because there was probably some sex involved. And what about Christmas and the virgin birth. Yeah right, Mary was getting some on the side. Easter likely has roots in pagan fertility rites (you know what bunnies like to do!).

  6. emjayay says

    Goeffreyps: Easter isn’t just likely to have roots in pagan fertility rites. It totally does. Christmas is Winter Solstice. Easter is in spring when all the animals are having sex and getting pregnant and crops are starting to grow. Chicks? Bunnies? Eggs? What could be more obvious?

    If you think of agriculture based

  7. emjayay says

    (Oops that posted itself) life in Europe thousands of years ago, it’s easy to see how crucial winter days getting longer finally and spring fertility of everything were, and were obvious times of feasting and ceremonies and partying.

  8. emjayay says

    LGBT Month has been an official government observance for a number of years. I’m pretty sure GW Bush wasn’t declaring it with a proclamation every year like Obama has.

  9. MaryM says

    The military’s main purpose is to protect the mega-rich and the corporations’ money (and if loads of brown people in the middle east get slaughtered in the process then so what).

    Why on earth would a murder machiine like the US Army celebrate Pride?

  10. Tyler says

    Enchantra, MaryM and Petey are the same person. They were all long ago established to be aliases of Rick (for those who may not know). So just ignore all three because it’s just the same troll. I know I say this every thread, but some people seem not to be too aware of who Rick is and what his tactics are.

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