1. Dan says

    Good for them! It’s truly amazing what they are doing for soccer in US during this World Cup. The crowds gathered in cities both large and small has been spectacular! Bravo, Team USA!

  2. tom c says

    i don’t see how a gay guy could possibly not find that photo insanely hot. Sweaty guys, just off the field after having played for their country IN THE RAIN, and now some in underwear, most with their shirts off, and all with ridiculously happy grins because they get to advance. It more than moved when I saw that photo…

    Speaking of, do you remember this “song”?!

  3. Randy says


    (Best viewed in a reclining position, I think … yeah, those are the usual reviews I get … in my dreams)

    Now, can we get about fixing soccer into a real sport, so these guys can have some dignity?

    This “stoppage time” has to go. Nate Silver has done the analysis (and I read the top half of it) and my view is that “stoppage” is garbage.

    Personally, I would shrink the field by 1/3, and reduce the number of players on it, because although the action is actually fast, it appears too slow on TV, and doesn’t afford a lot of ad-selling close up shots like basketball.

    And anyone representing FIFA would have to dress like Fifi, from Nick Jr.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    Wow, we are now reduced to a discussion on shirtless players.
    The USA team has been fantastic so far in the World Cup.

    No the field is not too big; no, there shouldn’t be the boring stoppages of American Football.
    Soccer is the future; Americans need to do some serious reassessment of their sports.
    And for god’s sake ban Nascar !

  5. R says

    Soccer guys have definitely moved up much higher on my list of “what sports generally have the hottest guys?” during this whole World Cup.

    They’re right up there with hockey guys now as hottest of the ‘big sports.’

    I’m not sure if any sport could ever top swimmers, divers and gymnasts.

  6. crispy says

    The US men actually aren’t doing that well, despite qualifying for the next round, and the only people who’d think they are those who don’t watch soccer except every 4 years.

    Michael Bradley, who’s supposed to be the team’s main playmaker, is having a terrible tournament, running around in circles and giving the ball away. With Jozy Altidore out injured (not that he was on form anyways), there’s no one up front finishing. The US has only scored 4 goals so far, the same amount as Spain who was knocked out early, whereas teams like the Netherlands have scored 10.

    The only person the US has to thank for advancing is, of all people, Cristiano Ronaldo. Because he overexerted himself this past season, he started the World Cup in very poor form and Portugal took such a trashing from Germany that ultimately enabled the US to advance.

    As for hotness, Germany has the US beat there too.

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