Vigil For Florida Trans Woman Found Burned to Death

0621_NCLO__Shancez,Yaz'min_t607A vigil was held yesterday for 31-year-old Yaz’min Shancez, a transgender woman living in Fort Myers, Florida. Despite being burnt and hidden behind a dumpster, Shancez’s death was not initially being investigated as a hate crime according to Fort Myers Police Lt. Jay Rodriguez, but have since ruled the death a homicide.

“If you really think about it, a hate crime is killing someone for a specific reason, being black, Hispanic, gay.” Said Rodriguez. “We’re investigating as we would any other homicide.”

Shancez’s death is yet another example of disproportionately high homicide rates borne by trans women of color.

Shancez’s family has erected a memorial to her at the site where her remains were found, and is currently trying to crowdsource funds to give her the funeral she deserves.


  1. Frank says

    A story on how to remove on owl from your home gets more replies than one about the murder of a trans woman of color? All I can do is shake my head.

  2. Enchantra says

    Frank, What is there to comment on? Hookers get killed. It’s not right, but it’s not a surprise.

  3. Tyler says

    Enchantra (Rick) demonstrating the lack of empathy and humanity that he, as our resident, monstrous troll, is known for.

    RIP to this poor woman. And F.O.A.D. to the transphobic gay men who insist on posting bigoted, hateful comments on every Trans story posted on this site.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ FRANK,

    thanks for you comment. I’ve known Transgender folk who’ve been murdered, and heard about many others. I appreicate your honest and thoughtful comment.

    @Enchantra (Rick),

    you’re making a slightly snide remark about Transwomen who do sex work, and the danger that goes along with it. Why do they have to drop out of high school and resort to sex work?

    Never mind, don’t even try to answer my question.

  5. Enchantra says

    Derrick, my comment was not snide, it was candid. For years I tried to keep the memory of what happened to Tyra Hunter alive. That was a case about discrimination and a worst case scenario at that. As of this posting, we do not know if Yaz’min Shancez was murdered because she was biologically male and presenting as female, or if she was simply killed in the line of her work.

  6. hello says

    Sad story, why is more not being done about this? Every GLBT person needs to vote in FL and make their voice heard on the Governors rase.

  7. Enchantra says

    Hello, How do you propose “more” being “done about this”? We already have laws against murder.

  8. terri jones says

    I cant believe that the Lieutenant of this police Dept. Is so stupid to not see that if she lied to a john and his man hood was pervoked that he wouldnt kill her for that, making it a hate crime.. i am transgender. I am not a prostitute , i am a licensed professional, however transexuals ARE a part of the gay community, soo why would he be so stupid to exclude her from a hate crime… backward offical that needs 101 … very unjust. I dont know if this woman was a prostitute or not, but no human being deserves to die like that, especially because of who they are…