1. Laight says

    I just love seeing gay relationships validated and given the respect due to others. It makes the world that much better !

  2. brix says

    if you look at the video, for a moment you can see there is some kind of lace bunting wrapped around a pole coverig a string of ligts.

  3. reality says

    @SCOTT, No that’s Beth White, an elected official in Indianapolis who has been far ahead of most people when it comes to gay rights

  4. Hoosier Daddy says

    super cute – and forget boyfriend-twins, someone start a tumblr for husband-twins. Go, Hoosiers!

  5. BrokebackBob says

    Now if all the elected Indiana RepubliThugs support any appeal to this major move forward, they can be assured their political careers are OVER. Are we together on this!!?