1. bernard says

    Stop giving Westboro what it wants, which is attention! They relish on being noticed. If we really want them to go away, then don’t acknowledge their existence! How hard is it to do that and when will we learn!?!?!

  2. Gay Guy says

    I would have hoped that this church would have fallen apart with Phelps to lead it.

  3. says

    @Bernard: Normally I’d agree that WBC isn’t worthy of protest, which only encourages them. But this wasn’t really about WBC–it was about a huge number of young people joining together in favor of gay rights, becoming pro-gay activists on the spot. This energized them. WBC has so little real influence, but in this case they influenced a whole bunch of people to stand up against bigotry, and that is powerful.

  4. Bernie says

    I think a positive counter protest to idiots such as Westboro Church is a perfect response in so many ways and yes, in some ways the publicity given to them is questionable because that is what they want, but if you think about it, their signs and what they say make they look so bad, laughable, sad, pathetic, hateful and stupid