60 Percent Say Irish Baker Who Refused To Make Cake Supporting Gay Marriage Should Not Face Legal Action

A ComRes poll commissioned by the Christian institute shows that 60% of respondents think no legal action should be taken against a bakery in Northern Ireland that refused to make a cake for an LGBTI activist group


A ComRes poll commissioned by the Christian Institute shows that 60% of respondents think no legal action should be taken against a bakery in Northern Ireland that refused to make a cake for an LGBTI activist group, reports Pink News.

Earlier this month we reported that Ashers Baking Company refused an order for a cake which was to be decorated with the slogan “Support Gay Marriage,” a logo for QueerSpace, and an image of Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

The Equality Commission for Northern Ireland said that refusing to make the cake amounted to discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation and wrote to Ashers asking that it remedy the situation within seven days or be taken to court.

However, the Christian Institute poll shows that 60% do not approve of legal action against the bakery.  Additionally, 80% of those polled over the aged of 65 disagree with legal action.

In a similar ongoing case in Colorado, Denver baker Jack Phillips has appealed an order from the Colorado Civil Rights Commission requiring him to prepare wedding cakes for same-sex couples. Phillips said that although he has no problem with LGBTI people, he disagrees with same-sex marriage.  He has also stated that he would rather close down his business than make cakes for same-sex weddings.


  1. ben~andy says

    “There are lies, damn lies and statistics” Mark Twain

    I’m highly suspicious of any poll by the “Christian Institute”. How questions are written often determines what the answers will be in opinion poling.

    And I’d rather the CO baker closed down too rather than be allowed to discriminate.

  2. says

    “A ComRes poll commissioned by the Christian Institute…” means the poll is biased and and has no validity. Let the HRC run a poll regarding the same subject and the results will be higher than 60% that respondents believe full legal action should be taken against the bakery for discrimination. By issuing these biased polls the Christian Right believes they can sway the public. They cannot. We see right through the fake polls.

  3. macmantoo says

    Personally I don’t think he be forced to sell to gays. However, I do think he needs to put a sign in his window stating that so everybody can take their business elsewhere. The more we force the Right wingers to accept us, the harder they’re going to fight us. Right now they’re putting on the front that their religious rights are being denied-we know they’re not. First we get the right to marry-NATIONWIDE-then we go after discrimination by the businesses.

  4. says

    The poll is worthless.

    As for it being similar to the CO case, it depends. If the bakery refused to bake any cake for the group in clear violation of local non-discrimination laws, it’s similar and they deserve legal action. If they only refused to put a specific slogan on a cake, that’s potentially a different story. The former scenario targets a group for exclusion, the latter sets limits on the type of product you’re willing to sell to anyone.

    @Macmantoo: It’s not really a matter of acceptance but whether the religious should get special exemptions from state and federal laws that no one else gets. Whites-only or Straights-only signs in windows are a dubious and backwards solution, especially when they violate established law.

  5. Larry says

    I’m with the bakery on this one. That cake is more than just a general cake, it has a very explicit message. In my mind, this would like asking a bakery to make a cake that said “Palin for President 2016″ or “Save babies – don’t have abortions”. Would we be up in arms if a baker refused to make cakes with those messages?

  6. TampaZeke says

    Congratulations Mr. Redmond, for writing a headline worthy of World Net Daily and Drudge Report. Next thing you know you’ll post a non-critical story on how a poll shows that 89% of Americans oppose marriage equality and only passively mention that the poll was commissioned by the Family Research Council.

    This is not worthy of Towleroad and not up to Andy’s standards.

  7. Merv says

    This is not really similar to the Colorado cake. The gay couple in the Colorado case wanted a cake out of his catalog. The Northern Ireland cake is special order.

  8. GardenVarietySorcerer says

    What was the sample size? (how many people were asked?)

    Was the survey done by convenience sampling? (did they just ask people exiting Evangelical Churches?)

    What questions did they ask? (were they leading questions?)

    What statistical instruments did they use? (how did they crunch the numbers?)

    A study from the Christian Institute coming to a conclusion that suits itself and its anti-gay agenda/crusade is highly suspicious, and they would need to be completely transparent which they are not.

    @ERNIE, You replied to the troll using the name “MACMANTOO”. I have seen their ‘comment’ VERBATIM on other articles on this site. The troll is pure copy/pasting with 0% effort. Don’t waste your time unless you’re using their anti-gay discourse as a sharpening stone for improving yourself, or for enlightening those here that may need it.

  9. Gregory in Seattle says

    A poll commissioned by a Christian hate group returns a result in support of bigotry? That’s like Phillip Morris commissioning a report that proves smoking is good for you.

  10. stevej says

    Only time I make any fuss about poll numbers is if they are from a reasonably trustworthy group such as gallup, pew etc. Even the internal polls by progressive groups can be suspect; unless I can read the methodology, questions, and base groups.

  11. stevej says

    @Larry, I do not know the laws against discrimination are in NI. Cake logo to support discrimination or oppose it starts to be on the slippery area of free speech in the US. NI has a different set of laws, many European countries have much more restrictive free speech laws (I.E. Nazi speech, nationalism, etc. ) than the US does. While a cake supporting sarah Palin would probably explode from all the air inside, it would be legal, however one denigrating her would come much closer to libelous action in the UK. As would one supporting gay rights which ad far as I could be how they could tefuse, on the presumption of libelous speech

  12. Fox says

    I agree with Larry. This is different in that they’re asking the baker to actually put a message endorsing a sociopolitcal expression on the cake. It’s not the same as going in and ordering a wedding cake – especially in say, a jurisdiction where same-sex marriage or civil unions are already legal, and they are discriminating against a couple simply because of their gender.

    I don’t know what the laws are in Northern Ireland, but I would think here in the U.S., a request for a cake like the one shown in the photograph would fall under Freedom of Speech/Expression, which should include the baker’s right to NOT express something, if he/she doesn’t want to.

    Just bake the cake according to the design ordered, then hand them a bag of sprinkles and supply them with a stencil with letters so they can make their own message.

  13. Den says

    This is a difficult one really. They are not actually discriminating against customers for being gay as presumable they would have still refused the produce the cake with the same message had it been ordered by a heterosexual customer while still being willing to sell a generic cake to a gay customer.

    If they had in other cases refused to produce cakes with certain messages then there is no reason why they shouldn’t also be allowed to do so in this case. However they need to make clear to all customers that they will not decorate cakes with any wording the customer chooses.

  14. Gay Guy says

    This is discrimination and cannot be tolerated. If you live in a large city, you can probably take your business elsewhere. However, if you live in a more remote place, that could prove more difficult.

    Also, allowing this type of discrimination can affect far more that cakes. It is even possible that one would not be able to get kosher or halal food at a same sex wedding if this can stand.

  15. Christopher says

    The them decide which customers they want to serve. Look at the failed “Chick-fil-A” campaign, the company didn’t succeed and is very quiet on the subject of marriage. I hear there are gays working at Chick-fil-A! The bakers will either start accepting ALL customers or end up with a failed business. I wouldn’t want to bake a cake for Michele Bachman…. is that discrimination?

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