AFA Issues Action Alert About Burger King’s ‘Homosexual Conduct-Promoting’ Proud Whopper

BURGER_KING-PROUD_WHOPPERThe American Family Association has issued an action alert warning concerned citizens of the potential dangers posed by Burger King’s recent “Proud Whopper” promotion. The burger, which comes wrapped in rainbow packaging, was sold at a select number of Burger King locations to commemorate gay pride month. Unless there is  substantial pushback from the public, the AFA warns, the fast food chain might expand the marketing in the future.

“Unless Burger Kings sees a backlash for promoting cross-dressing and homosexual conduct as normal behavior, it will expand the promotion to other cities and additional stores next year.” The organization intoned grimly on its website.

Ever the helpful bunch, the AFA has set up a campaigning portal that will generate perturbed e-mails designed to let Burger King know just how terrifying you think rainbow wrappers are.

“I am offended by Burger King's stunt in offering a so-called "Proud Whopper" in San Francisco. What were you thinking?” The e-mail template reads. “I hope you will learn from this publicity blunder and realize that while most stores did not participate in the corporate-approved program, the damage has been done and affects the image of all Burger King outlets.”

Burger King boasted 32.7% profit increase earlier this after after a round of cost saving cuts and menu restructuring.

Watch Burger King’s promotional Proud Whopper ad here AFTER THE JUMP



  1. Robert says

    Action Warning Alert: Hot Man Action on the 501 expressway, traffic is slowed to a lazy pace, so expected delayed orgasms.

  2. Bill says

    While Burger King was obviously trying to appeal to the large number of people at the gay pride events, and it was nice of them to show support, I still will avoid Burger King’s products. It’s not because of Burger King’s policies, but because I don’t want to look like Bryan Fischer (or for that matter, Brian Brown).

    BTW, the AFA web site stated that this wrapper was used at one of Burger King’s outlets, one that was along the parade route.

  3. DoItAtYourHouse says

    Wasn’t this promotion for JUST ONE DAY and JUST IN SAN FRAN?! Apparently that’s enough to make anti-gays from all over the US completely s*** their pants! Well put on the Depends homophobes, because it’s gonna get a whole lot worse from your psychotic perspective.

  4. says

    These idiots will never learn. I used their form to send my letter of praise to Burger King for their inclusiveness (not to mention their brilliant bit of advertising).

  5. MikeInSanJose says

    I totally wanna see someone remake that scene from Airplane with this Whopper wrapper instead of a newspaper…

    Lloyd Bridges: What do you make of this? (Hands newspaper to air traffic controller).

    Controller: Oh. Well, I can make a hat, or I can make a broach, or I can make a swan…

  6. Maguita says

    NEWSFLASH: Every time people hear the AFA has issued an action alert… They just do nothing.

    Also, @Mark Alexander, that’s a great idea!

  7. OhBrother says

    If your world is threatened by a rainbow colored piece of paper used for a brief burger promo in one city, please consider joining the real world where such things are not cause for alarm. God bless.

  8. Bill says

    @Maguita : it is a bad idea to use their form. First, they have your email address as a required field. Do you think they won’t record it and put you on their mailing list?

    They can also run (for example) Mark Alexander’s modified version, where he praised Burger King, though a filter and if it detects a major change in length or in most of the text, it can either flush it or pass it to someone to review it (and then flush it if it does not fit AFA’s agenda).

    They could even restore it to the original form and send that on your behalf, although they’d be in a lot of hot water if they tried that stunt and got caught – it may be bad form or illegal, but it is technically possible – in fact trivial to do.

    If you want to show Burger King support, contact Burger King directly.

  9. dattexas says

    So, go to Burger King and order a salad. You don’t have to eat a Burger, fries and milk shake. I don’t eat fast food often, but when I do, I’ll be eating at Burger King. Better there than Chik-Fil-A (whatever the freakin’ spelling) or Dairy Queen.

  10. IrritableSmokingMonkey says

    If they do the promotion again and you want to support it financially but don’t want the calories, buy a burger and give it to a homeless person. :-)

  11. Bill says

    Looks like two people are posting as “Bill” in case there is any confusion.

    Towleroad could easily resolve such ambiguities by labeling them (# 1) and (# 2) when two individuals
    with the same name post comments – the email addresses, will certainly be different.

  12. james street james says

    Imagine that wrapper made into underpants. “introducing The Proud Whopper”

    I wonder if Bryan took his wrapper home and wrapped something else in it?

  13. Bernie says

    OMG! The sky is falling! An action alert over a mainstream commercial, come on now! What are these folks so afraid of and why is their bar so low? What would have to happen to have a real action alert?!??! Oh, wait, Bert and Ernie are gay lovers

  14. anon says

    As they say, talk is cheap. What about helping to sponsor a parade rather than profiting off of one? Of course the AFA profits off of pride parades too. Without gay politics they wouldn’t exist and they might all have to work for a living.

  15. JEFF YORK says

    Run in your house. Put the blinds down. Close the drapes. Hide the children. Be afraid of the paper. Be very afraid!!! Geez, twits.

  16. ajax28 says

    I took the opportunity to tweak the AFA’s e-mail just a little bit. Here’s what I wrote:

    I am pleased and impressed by Burger King’s support of gay rights in offering a “Proud Whopper” in San Francisco.

    Your celebrated promotion of diversity, pride, and acceptance honors all families, and I find your celebration a reason to patronize Burger King more often.

    I hope you will continue to engage in and perhaps expand such celebrations and realize that your open-mindedness is appreciated in the straight and gay communities alike, and that the goodwill that you have generated affects the positive image of all Burger King outlets. Thank you.