Beefy Shirtless Jogger Stops Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Takes Him To Task: VIDEO


  1. says

    He was fantastic and right on the money. And the bonus shirtlessness is the icing on the cake. Bravo, Joe (not the plumber).

    Having spent World Pride in the fine city of Toronto, I’m even more amazed that a loser like Ford still has the title of mayor (even if his powers aren’t much at this point). Other than being endless fodder for late-night comedians and the shallow media, this crackpot needs to be put out to rehab pasture.

  2. Just_a_guy says

    Wow. I never saw myself saying this, but…

    “I love you Burger King”


    Alright. I am thinkin flame-broiled :—-)

    (Thank tr, I think)

  3. Ed Colleck says

    As a former Torontonian and a proud Canadian, I applaud Joe Killoran. Rob Ford has it and more coming his way. I have been amazed at the way that Ford has been treated by the media; he’s basically made a purse-lipped little pissy face and refused to answer questions. So far, he’s gotten away with it. Does he look like someone who’s come out of 40 days in rehab? If he quit alcohol, he should have dropped a ton of weight, simply from not drinking. This is a man who sweats blinking his eyes! It is a mockery of our political system that he still has his title; I suspect that he knows where a lot of bodies are buried that no one, least of all the police, has managed to dig up dirt on someone so obvious. I can only hope that more citizens will pursue him and that his ‘run’ for office stalls.

  4. JAY says

    I have this terrible anal leakage problem…

    I think it’s caused by shoving G.I.Joe’s up my butt…

  5. B. Wilson says

    He specifically said, in an interview with media later, that he specifically did not mention his drug use/addiction as that is a medical illness. He was more concerned with his racism, homophobia, and shady business dealings.

  6. JackFknTwist says

    That was excellent…..the people fight back and the handlers can’t handle it, they try to belittle the critic. !!!!

  7. says


    He’s already entered the realm of local folk hero! AND, his blistering take-down of the catholic school board in regards to how they treat LGBT students is just plain incredible.

    The Ford Brothers are now crying to the media that the guy was “racist to Rob” – yeah. “racist” to him. yeah. right.

    thank you, Shirtless Beefy Jogger, for continuing to stand up for the right things for the right reasons!

  8. Bill says

    @B. Wilson
    I thought he said “he’s sick” when he was calling him out. I can understand that addiction is an illness, but he’s also mayor. And no one should be doing drugs on the job. I’m sorry but it alone should be grounds for dismissal plus the corruption, racketeering, etc.

  9. Dback says

    Seems like a good (and hot) guy all around–if he ever leaves teaching, he’d probably go very far in politics himself.

  10. says

    Mayor Ford wouldn’t even be in office if it weren’t for my mom and me. Publicly, we have to act like we hate the guy, but when the crack cocaine scandal broke in the media last year, my mom did a big TV appearance with PFLAG and Mayor Ford. It really saved him, giving him some much-needed good PR at his most vulnerable moment. And the best part is that Ford is totally homophobic and we used PFLAG to prop him up! Lulz!

    I am so proud of my dad and mom! My dad made a lot of money and that lets me live a life of leisure. And my mom is a true and loyal friend, as she proved to Rob Ford.

  11. says

    Yup – the troll with no life continues to obsess over me. it’s ok – I’ve been openly gay since I was a teenager – I’m used to people being obsessed with me.

    Funny thing, though – I can prove all your claims to be false 😀

    Check it out – my mum gave a terrific speech, calling out Mayor Ford, for the second year in a row. She called him out last year, too – the day after the crack scandal broke. You’d know this had you actually viewed her speeches, but I get it – you’re too busy hate-masturbating over me in the confines of your pathetic closet :)

    You lie about me because you can’t tell the truth about yourself. Well, i can show the truth about myself. And you, every day, prove yourself to be the embarrassing worthless coward your family always knew you to be. Not my problem, troll.

    read it and cheer 😀

  12. says

    Um, yeah fake Kiwi. Stop attacking my mom. She is a true and loyal friend to Rob Ford.
    There are TV news reports from Toronto freely available on Youtube showing my mom tossing the life preserver to Mayor Ford. Yes, she may have to make some obligatory speech now criticizing him, but when it really mattered my mom helped him big time. You could argue that he wouldn’t be the mayor of Toronto today if it weren’t for my mama!

  13. says

    or you could argue that your life spent trolling the internet using other people’s names is the reason your family thinks you’re an embarrassment – your problem is not that you’re gay, but that you’re such a complete wimp about it.

    my mum called out the mayor, two years in a row. what has *your* mother ever done for the LGBT communities?

    you troll because you have no life. i have pity for the fact that you were born into a family that didn’t love you. but none whatsoever for how you’ve chosen to handle the cards you got dealt.

    i understand that coming here to get my attention is your only distraction in life. when you die, you won’t be missed, or remembered, by anyone.