California Bill Aids Transgendered With Name Changes And Identity Documents

California’s Assembly Bill 1121, which makes the state’s name and gender change process the easiest in U.S., went into full effect July 1., reports The Advocate.

6a00d8341c730253ef0192ac812cfd970d-800wiThe bill, authored by out Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins and co-sponsored by Transgender Law Center and Equality California, was signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown last year.

In August 2013, Brown signed into law a bill that will provide unprecedented protections for transgender students in California.

Atkins also authored the Respect After Death Act which would ensure death certificates correctly reflect the authentic gender identity of transgender Californians. The bill is currently awaiting action in the Senate.

Speaking to Equality California last year, Masen Davis, Executive Director of Transgender Law Center said:

“Having identity documents that accurately reflect who you are is vital in so many areas of everyday life — from applying for a job to exercising our rights at the ballot box. Many of us wouldn’t think twice when asked to show our ID, but this is a very serious issue for transgender people.”

Previously, transgendered Californians were required to obtain a court order in order to have their birth certificate reflect their correct name and gender.

However, under the new law applicants are now required to submit a form and a doctor's note directly to the state's Department of Public Health, indicating that they have taken appropriate steps to change their gender.

Additionally, those seeking a legal name change are no longer required to publish notice of intent in a local newspaper, a move which will save trans residents significant amounts of money and allow them to avoid the outing that comes with having a name change published.

Speaking to The Advocate, legal director for the Transgender Law Center Ilona Turner said:

“Today marks another step toward full equality for transgender Californians.  These simple administrative changes are going to make a huge difference for transgender people who continue to face unfair and burdensome barriers to being able to live authentically and free from discrimination.”


  1. Thedrdonna says

    What compelling reason would the government have to maintain old records that don’t reflect current reality and substantially harm the people they describe?

  2. Thedrdonna says

    Anyone with access to a trans person’s medical history or current medications is going to be well aware of their trans status, regardless of whether they disclose it or not. Plus, gender is performative, so anyone’s current gender is reality. There’s no good substantial reason for the government to keep outdated records.

  3. Carmelo says

    My god you’re stuaid. If you’re doing a cross sectional study using death certificates, it might be important to have the actual genetic seed rather than the self perceived gender.

  4. Thedrdonna says

    So, you’re arguing that trans folks should be condemned to a lifelong mismatch between the gender presentation, internal identity, and documentation because of a remote chance that somebody’s poorly-structured study might have their results very slightly tweaked? Yeah, and I’m the one who’s “stuaid”.

  5. Thedrdonna says

    So, you’re arguing that trans folks should be condemned to a lifelong mismatch between the gender presentation, internal identity, and documentation because of a remote chance that somebody’s poorly-structured study might have their results very slightly tweaked? Yeah, and I’m the one who’s “stuaid”.

  6. Thedrdonna says

    @Tyler, if they have a medical transition then they almost certainly have a therapist providing letters of recommendation for their medical aspects. If a doctor prescribes it, I’m not going to claim that I know better than them.

  7. Tyler says

    TheDrDonna – You bigot, you know nothing about the neutrois even though you claim them for the transgender community. They don’t transition. They get castrated. You obviously don’t know what is involved and you are just making assumptions about their lives.

    BTW, it is July now, so it can’t be too much longer until you get your vag carving. Doesn’t seem very progressive to use limited medical resources and to commandeer the scarce time of skilled medical professionals just so you can admire a fake vag in the mirror. But transgender is about self-gratification, not progressive vision.

  8. Tyler says

    TheDrDonna, I’m pretty sure you know that’s not the real me posting these transphobic comments. It’s Fake Tyler/Rick. I would have caught this sooner but I slept in late (Rick is always here early because he has no life).

    Rick, your transphobic madness is starting to effect your prose. Perhaps if you had just a single percent of the decency, empathy and class of any Transgender person you wouldn’t be such a hateful piece of garbage.

    “Vag carving.” Rick you’re literally the worst.

  9. Tyler says

    Tyler, stop using my name.

    As for the “decency, empathy and class of any Transgender person”, google Kryzie King.

    TheDrDonna, it’s great to see you laugh. So wonderful to see that apple bobbing wildly!

  10. Rick says

    Just in case there’s any confusion, I want to be very clear that the reason I come here every day and use various screen names to type hateful things, anonymously, is because I’m unloved by literally every single person in my life, particularly my family who have never once shown me love or acceptance or support. So, I come here to angrily hate on everyone else. Because my life sucks.

  11. sugarrhill says

    The height of irony is some anonymous poster using several online personalities to dictate that what the transgendered really need is therapy.

  12. Thedrdonna says

    Devon, I think artists should use more green in their paintings, but I’m not an expert in that field, so my opinion on the subject is just as inconsequential as yours is on trans people.

  13. Thomas Mertens says

    Dr. Donna, I am responding to your comment to Devon —

    Except that artists make their own art; they don’t draft you against your will to help them paint. You are asking me and all other normal people to pay for your many issues. You want my insurance premiums to pay for your butt implants and your peen removal. You want our city and state governments to re-do official documents for you, at our expense. You want special rules that make things more difficult for TSA, complexities that we have to pay for.

    So you better believe our opinion is going to matter, whether you like it or not. Recently, you folks have had a small string of successes, all on the backs of LGBs. But there’s lots of opportunity for pay back. When those opportunities come, you’ll be surprised how many LGBs join with the people you call “cis scum” and give it back to you in spades.

  14. TheDrDonna says

    Thomas, I look forward to all the disappointments you suffer, when the world moves on without you. Until then, I’ll keep on pointing out when people talk out of their ass about the medical and therapeutic methodologies used when treating trans people. To that end: nothing you’ve said here makes Devon’s ideas about the treatment of trans people any more accurate or representative of what the medical community has agreed upon.

  15. Thomas Mertens says

    You are correct. Nothing I said made Devon’s ideas more accurate. They were accurate in their own right. Transgenderism *is* still in the DSM V. The mental health profession has reaffirmed that you are sick in the head, despite your greatest efforts to get them to retreat from that view.

    As NGLTF pointed out when the DSM V came out, the changes were cosmetic. They moved you over into 2 different categories and gave your conditions some new names, but you are still wacked. The trans-dominated NGLTF was very upset.

    How ironic that in the context of the DSM, transgenders can understand that cosmetic changes don’t really override substance. But when it comes to their own bodies, they can’t see the same truth.

  16. Thedrdonna says

    Transgenderism isn’t in the DSM V. Gender dysphoria, which is, has a clearly explained treatment path, which is completely different from the “treatments” Devon refer to. But that’s what idealogues and bigots do: they take a grain of truth and build a spitball of hate around it. You’ve done it again here. Have fun watching the world leave you behind.

  17. says

    @Thomas: Ignorant straight bigots make the same comments about gay people: we have the right to our bigotry because we have to pay now for your relationships, which are short-term and inferior to ours, and for your healthcare, which is more expensive than ours because of your rampant promiscuity etc. (Insert selective statistics to suit your bigotry here.) So, congratulations, you’re (and the other anti-trans trolls) using the tactics of homophobes who think they own us cause, for once, a few of their tax $ (pennies, actually) go our way when in reality we’ve been subsidizing their lives since the dawn of time.

    The truth is this simple CA bill will have no impact on your life, just as civil rights that make our lives a bit easier have no impact on homophobes’ lives except in their irrational fantasies.

  18. Thomas Mertens says

    But those arguments pertain to promiscuity. And they are correct. People have every right to object to people, gay or straight, who think they have a right to 1000 sexual partners and then to impose health costs on everyone else. That has nothing to do with homosexuality and everything to do with reckless sexuality.

    In any event, I have not even said that the added costs imposed by transgenders on normal people shouldn’t be paid. I only said that our payment of such costs gives us the right to be heard and to have our opinions matter. The arrogant transgender calling herself DrDonna thinks otherwise.

    BTW, DrDonna, you can keep pounding your manly chest (your writing style is decidedly male) and predicting how your future is nothing but wins. But you are just whistling in the dark. One thing is for sure. Opportunities will arise, here and there. And when they do, I and other LGBs will do our utmost within the law and the political system to make sure that you and your fellow transgenders weep and wail. Payback for your attack on LGBs and our identity will indeed be a b#tch.

  19. says

    @Thomas: No, the homophobes’ arguments apply to all gay people, even lesbians, because they don’t discriminate between facts and their homophobic fantasies, which they apply to you, gay man, however healthy and monogamous you may be. Likewise, you apply your transphobic fantasies (complete with delusional threats now) to any civil rights issue with a T. You’re simply too blinded by your own narrow-mindedness to understand that you’ve thoroughly bought into the intellect and tactics of gay-rights opponents.

  20. Palestina says

    Towleroad, two comments

    1) “Transgender,” not “transgendered.” “Transgendered” sounds like some medical procedure that happened to them, and most trans people don’t like it.

    2) You really ought to be moderating this violently transphobic hate comments, the way you would homophobic comments.

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