Demi Lovato Offends Vladimir Putin With Same-Sex Kiss: VIDEO

Demi lovator dancers vladimir putin

Russian social media users have taken to Twitter following Demi Lovato’s concert at New York Gay Pride which featured a strategically placed image of Vladimir Putin, according to the BBC

Outrage at demi lovato

During a performance of "Really Don't Care", two of Lovato’s male backing dancers shared a kiss. One of dancers was naked except for a portrait of Vladimir Putin attached to his underwear.

Russia has come under fire in the last year for enacting anti-gay laws.

The video for "Really Don't Care" features scenes from a gay pride event in California and opens with Lovato saying, "You don't have to hate because my Jesus loves all."

Shortly after New York Pride, Russian Twitter users started using the hashtags #DemiHurtsRussianLovatics #StayStrongPutin to voice their anger over the controversial use of Putin’s image. Russian social network Vkontakte was also used to vent user's outrage.

Fans have also taken to Twitter to defend Lovato.

Fan stands up for lovato

Lovato denied accusations she'd used offensive language to describe Vladimir Putin.

Demi lovato

Some fans have since voiced concerns that Lovato will not be allowed to perform in Russia in the future.

Watch the video for "Really Don't Care," AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Gigi says

    “Some fans have since voiced concerns that Lovato will not be allowed to perform in Russia in the future.” That wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

  2. Tigernan says

    “The stupidest thing a singer can do is get involved in politics.” Oh shut it, Yuri – even in your backwater country, music and protest songs have a long history, as well as that Russian orchestral choir you’re so proud of mumbling about Mother Russia. Russians are freaking idiots.

  3. MakeMore says

    I think KEVINVT is probably right, but there’s more to it.

    Research has shown that 60% of people conform immediately to what they think “everyone” is doing, and 35% of people take a little bit longer to conform to what they think the majority is doing. In the end only 5% defect/rebel/refuse to participate.

    In this case that means even if an army of paid commenters reinforced Putin’s anti-gay crusade, it indicates about 95% of their population either is or will shortly be in agreement with what the paid trolls are saying.

  4. says

    Except that in Russia, MAKEMORE, those numbers for conformity would be even higher. It’s like a religion with them.

    Plus most have been already zombified by Russian media to be anti-gay.

    This campaign is about the West, though. It’s in English. For consumption abroad.

  5. Marko says

    Aww, if Vladmir is feeling a little weakened by the sight of two boys kissing, perhaps he should have a lie down and listen to some Pyotr Tchaikovsky. Oh wait…

    It’s disgusting to see the Russian establishment concoct and encourage fears about homosexuality to distract from the pervasive corruption that plagues the lives of Russians. It’s a government of liars and thugs.

  6. Anirban AKA Abner Bhattacharya says

    Singer Demetria Devonne Lovato or Demi Lovato is bipolar and Demetria Devonne Lovato or Demi Lovato’s a drug junky who has abused alcohol. Yes, Demi Lovato’s a talented singer but her views are useless especially as singer Demetria Devonne Lovato or Demi Lovato’s a bipolar drug junky drunkard. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Hunt farts and shits in front of her 2 children & Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Hunt (maiden name Tiffany Camille Edwards) smoked drugs in front of her children. Big Island Chronicle’s Tiffany Camille Hunt’s a farting a shitting Squaw.

    I have not been to Russia, but with gay bashings which are happening in Russia, media version can’t be trusted. Though what the Russian men did was assault and battery, the media gave 1/2 truths by saying the Russian men (calling them neo-Nazis with no proof) bashed gays and put the images on Internet, but here’s what most media omitted though some have now raised it. The Russian men who were bashing gays had pretended to be 15 year old boys on Internet by going on gay websites. Gays looking for teenage boys on Internet replied and set up places to meet them, but instead the gays got bashed by men pretending to be 15 year old boys. Yes, what the Russian men did is vigilanteism for which they should do jail time because right thing to do is to report this to cops and let the cops arrest the gays for soliciting minors and then hopefully the legal system will convict the gays and send them to prison.

    But these gays who were bashed did commit a crime by looking for teenage boys on Internet and instead got bashed by men who pretended to be the teenage boys, so I have no sympathy for the gays bashed here. If a man were looking for teenage girls on Internet but instead got bashed by a mob, many would say the man was a disgusting pig looking for underage girls. Gays often harass teenage boys. Those gay bashing victims deserve no sympathy because there is something wrong with an adult looking for teenagers. The gay bashers put the images on Internet after they bashed the gays with slogan ‘occupy pedophilia’ because they aren’t going to tolerate gays harassing teenage boys.

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