Dutch Foreign Minister Delivers Angry, Emotional Address to the UN on MH17 Tragedy: VIDEO


Frans Timmermans of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs , addressed the United Nations yesterday over the shooting down of MH17, which had among its 298 passengers 192 Dutch citizens (including one passenger with dual US-Netherlands citizenship).

Timmermans’s speech reflected the anger and bewilderment the world is feeling over the incident and its aftermath, along with the emotion. Said Timmermans of the victims:

“Did they lock hands with their loved ones? Did they hold their children close to their hearts? Did they look each other in the eyes one final time in a wordless goodbye? We will never know.”


(via mashable – note: Timmermans is misidentified in the CSPAN embed as  Karel J. G. van Oosterom)


  1. MIke says

    “reflected the anger and bewilderment the world is feeling”

    Oh, poor world. But you wanted a sponge in the White House. And you got one, and KGB is just doing what KGB does.

  2. Sergio says

    Obama has nothing to do with this, Mammarius. If anything, he’s been more vocal about sanctioning Putin than most Rethuglicans. So remember, your beef is with your mother, for not weaning you early enough.

  3. MIke says

    Of course Obama has “nothing to do with this”. There was once a time when if Russia shot down a plane and committed atrocities with the dead, a country like Netherlands would have looked to the United States. Now they got KGB Putin and a lady in a dress. But with a Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “I think that your political agendas could be placed in a better place then on this story.”

    Huh? LGBT people shouldn’t care about the mass murder of other people?

    Can you explain your point, please?

  5. MIke says

    “Respect”? There is none. You have Russia and “Isis” doing as they please. If Israel had elected a community organizer, they’d be underground by now.

  6. ratbastard says

    The Euros are wealthy, capable, and have a far larger population and GDP than Russia, which is an honorary member of the third world, at best. Yet all the Euros can do is talk, and talk somemore. That is because they naively and foolishly have no brut force (military) capable of backing up their words and of confronting in this case, big, scary Russia, minus NATO, and NATO relys to heavily on the U.S. Most Americans are tired of being the world’s policeman, tired of our military being over extended, tired of the money it costs, and as far as Europe and NATO, tired of the too often smug, sanctimonious attitude of many of our Euro NATO allies. They should be able to confront and handle Putin without the U.S. (especially U.S. military) playing the dominant role. The Germans in particular need to step up their game. The War ended 70 years ago, time to move on.

  7. Acronym Jim says

    Derrick in Philly, I think “THAT GUY” was directing his comment toward Mike. If so, I agree; have some respect for those lost in the senseless tragedy.

  8. Moz's says


    just a month ago weren’t all you repubs fawning over how manly putin was

    the you tube vids are still up showing repub senators, reps, and fox news salivating over putin

  9. not having it today says

    Wow, I see the same troll who goes by MIKE, RATBASTARD and MARYM chimed in. But where are his other screen names…RICK, PETEY and TANK? It’s not right to leave the other half of the voices in your head, out of this comment thread.

  10. ratbastard says

    I am ratbastard. I ONLY post as ratbastard. I do not know any of the other posters (assuming it is multiple people or a single troll and/or shill). I AM NOT a ‘troll’. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t make them a troll. My posts are (mostly) respectful, except occassionally when dealing with The Mother of all Trolls, AKA Raymond Miller, AKA Little Kiwi.

  11. Will says

    I am, it seems the only Dutchman commenting, I am haunted by this tragedy. May a solution be found quickly.

    The empty chair at the meeting? Was Russia absent on purpose or were they asked to not attend?

  12. Pookie says

    Am I the only one that thinks that the jet should not have been flying over the area in the first place. Why was it flying over a war-zone ? Seriously, not to detract from the culpability and involvement of Russia in any way or mitigate the profound tragedy of it all, but wtf. Seriously, wtf.

  13. leprechaunvict says

    So Mike, you’d rather send US troops to Ukraine and get your country into a 3rd war in a decade? All because EU nations won’t step up and a) spend more on their own militaries and b) use harsh, effective sanctions against Russia. You’re talking out of your ass. Obama has signed tougher sanctions than any of the EU members thus far have. When Germany, Britian and France do so and start moving troops eastward, come back and byotch. Otherwise you’re just some Limbaugh-listening shill.

  14. EchtKultig says

    It’s summer, the crickets are chirping, and another stupid right-wing troll wonders into Towleroad. Yawn. In a day or so they will realize they aren’t going to get any traction here, and will be back at worldnutdaily, andrew dumbbart, or wherever they came from.

    FWIW I’ve never thought Ratbastard’s online voice was like anyone else’s.

  15. H.J. says

    I’ve read through all of the previous posts responding to this video, and must (to my dismay) admit to not understanding most of them, nearly all of them. ‘A sponge in the white house’? ‘Israeli terrorism’? ‘ Repub senators’? As the other Dutchman responding: seriously, does everything come to you people through the filter of American politics? I lost a friend on that plane and for that reason am hopelessly biased, but I find Timmerman’s speech to reflect my anger and bewilderment indeed. And then to read these petty responses here, that just adds a different flavor of sadness to the mix.

  16. J.W. says

    H.J.-While I did not loose a loved one, I agreed with your comments 100%. IT would be lovely for everyone to take a breath, focus on this particular content and have comments that reflect Mr. Timmermans powerful, emotional statement. Leave the rest out, just once, the World needs a day off today from all that noise.

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