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Emotional Photos of Gay Dads Holding Newborn Go Viral


Two new dads are a viral sensation on the internet after photographer Lindsay Foster shared photos of them cradling their son Milo moments after he was born via a surrogate mother.

Wrote Foster of the photos, which were shared on June 27:

Words can not tell you how wonderful it was to witness this amazing moment in time. But I am VERY hopeful that these images can make you feel the deep LOVE and admiration that everyone felt for this surrogate mom and the baby's new parents. These Daddies will most certainly be two amazing parents. 

I look at these pictures and I immediately tear up. 

The top picture is one of my favourites because everyone is included.
Surrogate mom and her husband, the new parents and their baby boy Milo, and two wonderful and amazing midwives.

The photo has been shared nearly 10,000 times on Facebook.

Foster later shared a second photo of baby Milo as well as a message from the fathers:

"Thank you to everyone out there who has taken the time to like, comment and share our picture! This was truly an incredible moment in our lives that will be captured forever by the lovely Lindsay Foster Photography. We are so lucky that we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy! All comments posted are respected, although we may not agree with the negative ones, the positive ones far outweigh the negative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is a moment of pure love and acceptance. Milo is surrounded by unconditional love and he will grow up knowing many different types of families and accept everyone, (intolerant people included). Milo was born during World Pride. This picture represents everything Pride is about. Love has no colour nor gender nor sexual preference. Love is unconditional. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! xxoo"


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  1. Why are they shirtless? It makes gay parents look creepy. Straight guys don't ditch their shirt when their babies are born, do they?

    Posted by: Kevin | Jul 5, 2014 4:59:20 PM

  2. that was my first thought too, why are they shirtless indeed?

    Posted by: poof | Jul 5, 2014 5:01:27 PM

  3. After birth skin to skin contact is supposed to make the transition from fetal life to newborn life easier.

    Posted by: Melissa | Jul 5, 2014 5:02:10 PM

  4. Actually, some straight fathers do, @Kevin, as Melissa explains. It's quite common practice and recommended for newborn-father bonding. This was explained when the photos originally appeared.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 5, 2014 5:17:01 PM

  5. Melissa, sounds very Interesting.... I didn't know about the "skin to skin" contact you mentioned. I have to ask my nieces and sisters if they were topless when they delivered their children.... I also did an internet search and so weird... I didn't come across any topless women holding children after giving birth...but I'm glad you mentioned it....I'll have to keep my eye out for these photos.

    Posted by: Just me | Jul 5, 2014 5:17:42 PM

  6. LOl @Just me. They probably knew the birth was imminent and had them remove their shirts. The explanation said the baby was delivered by a midwife and they tend to be a bit more new agey. However, if you don't believe me google "after birth skin to skin contact"

    Posted by: Melissa | Jul 5, 2014 5:23:21 PM

  7. I actually find the pictures kind of appalling. You want to have a kid....great! You publicize the're a filthy media whore. Freakin crying half-naked loser.

    Posted by: Me | Jul 5, 2014 5:24:48 PM

  8. Here ya go

    Posted by: Melissa | Jul 5, 2014 5:25:07 PM

  9. Kevin and Poof are you really that dumb and clueless??

    If it wasn't because LOGICALLY a bare child would want skin contact, what about germs from the clothes? Or the roughness? I mean really??

    Posted by: Rowan | Jul 5, 2014 5:29:50 PM

  10. Why don't they have on shirts?I've never seen str8 fathers do this.

    Posted by: Mike | Jul 5, 2014 5:32:34 PM

  11. @Me: You mustn't have many friends with newborns or much relationship with social media. My FB and Instagram feeds are full of them--new parents share baby photos, fact of life today, and why shouldn't they? As for publicizing, the photos went viral--which generally means they got shared a lot with little effort (i.e. media whoring) from the parents themselves.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jul 5, 2014 5:36:25 PM

  12. Here's an idea, before posting ignorant statements do a simple Google search. I'll help you out, search "skin to skin father"

    Posted by: Shawn | Jul 5, 2014 5:37:35 PM

  13. I'd let the stork deal with all of that.

    Posted by: Hansel Currywurst | Jul 5, 2014 5:44:34 PM

  14. mmm That's odd, why are they shirtless? That is my first reaction.

    Posted by: justin | Jul 5, 2014 5:51:51 PM

  15. this is beautiful! animals bond with their newborns in many ways at birth.

    "Everybody's a critic." -- MIlton Berle

    Posted by: mike/ | Jul 5, 2014 5:55:29 PM

  16. @ Mike - do you ever bother to read the comments of other commenters?

    Posted by: Mike in the Tundra | Jul 5, 2014 6:45:50 PM

  17. There is nothing creepy about this powerful life affirming moment- Grow up!

    Posted by: jarago | Jul 5, 2014 7:02:06 PM

  18. Has anyone wondered why they're shirtless?


    And yeah, plenty of straight dads do this. It's well known.

    Posted by: RB | Jul 5, 2014 7:31:59 PM


    I totally do not identify with or relate to the lip-quierving, miracle-of-life-sniveling expression on the alleged 'father's' face. Butch up, dude. You'll have 18 years for tears, and plenty of opportunities, I'm sure. But the camera is on now, and we have to demonstrate the superiority of our species. Look bored!

    "You're handing me this why? To bond with? Okay. . We're done. Now put it away, after you wash off all this....whatever. And thanks for ruining my Sergio Valenti guayabera and jeans ensemble. What time is brunch?"

    Posted by: Kevin Rickerson | Jul 5, 2014 7:40:01 PM

  20. Yes because if it's on the internet then it must be true.

    Have many many friends with kids and neither the mother or the father was shirtless when they held their baby. C'mon folks.

    Posted by: FakeOutrage | Jul 5, 2014 8:02:24 PM

  21. Normalizing same sex relationships and same sex parenting is a good thing. This couple probably didn't even do it for that; they shared for the same reasons hetero couples share.

    @"ME" You publicized your what does that make you????? I'll give you a hint it's the same predicate you assigned to this couple! Congrats, kk.

    Posted by: Anon | Jul 5, 2014 8:06:05 PM


    Why should anyone care about your fake outrage, pray tell?

    You have many many friends? C'mon.

    What are you suggesting anyway, take their kids away? What are you some dirty anti-gay Russian scum bag - looking for any excuse to take away a same-sex couple's kids?

    Posted by: Anon | Jul 5, 2014 8:09:12 PM

  23. Why do I highly doubt you were in the delivery room with these many friends @fakeoutrage? It's a mystery....

    Posted by: Melissa | Jul 5, 2014 8:20:06 PM

  24. Funny, as someone who's been present at dozens and dozens of births over the past 25 years, my immediate reaction was hmm, I guess the surrogate remained covered because she was deferring the bonding moments to the dads (+/- modesty in front of the camera).

    Many dads/non-birth moms get shirtless (or open their button-front shirts) and hold their babies right after birth these days. This is especially common at emergency c-sections when the birth mom is unable to do so immediately since she's under anesthesia.

    Beautiful story. Kinda private to share with the media, but in this political climate, I can understand the desire to give up some privacy in order to help advance the cause of understanding and education.

    Posted by: Sam | Jul 5, 2014 8:21:49 PM

  25. I see the douches are out in full force this eve. 1)I guess in the glorious US of A, midwife-assisted births are not as common as in the rest of the civilized world cuz y'all are ignorant as hell about this topic re why they're shirtless 2)the new Dads had nothing to do with "whoring" to the media-- a friend put this on Facebook and it went viral, so the media came to THEM a week afterward. Jeez.

    Haha and yet I come back to the sewer that is this comment board time after time while Andy Towle laughs his way to the bank...

    Posted by: leprechaunvict | Jul 5, 2014 8:34:49 PM

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