Emotional Photos of Gay Dads Holding Newborn Go Viral


Two new dads are a viral sensation on the internet after photographer Lindsay Foster shared photos of them cradling their son Milo moments after he was born via a surrogate mother.

Wrote Foster of the photos, which were shared on June 27:

Words can not tell you how wonderful it was to witness this amazing moment in time. But I am VERY hopeful that these images can make you feel the deep LOVE and admiration that everyone felt for this surrogate mom and the baby's new parents. These Daddies will most certainly be two amazing parents. 

I look at these pictures and I immediately tear up. 

The top picture is one of my favourites because everyone is included.
Surrogate mom and her husband, the new parents and their baby boy Milo, and two wonderful and amazing midwives.

The photo has been shared nearly 10,000 times on Facebook.

Foster later shared a second photo of baby Milo as well as a message from the fathers:

"Thank you to everyone out there who has taken the time to like, comment and share our picture! This was truly an incredible moment in our lives that will be captured forever by the lovely Lindsay Foster Photography. We are so lucky that we have a beautiful, healthy baby boy! All comments posted are respected, although we may not agree with the negative ones, the positive ones far outweigh the negative. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is a moment of pure love and acceptance. Milo is surrounded by unconditional love and he will grow up knowing many different types of families and accept everyone, (intolerant people included). Milo was born during World Pride. This picture represents everything Pride is about. Love has no colour nor gender nor sexual preference. Love is unconditional. Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts! xxoo"



  1. says

    Actually, some straight fathers do, @Kevin, as Melissa explains. It’s quite common practice and recommended for newborn-father bonding. This was explained when the photos originally appeared.

  2. Just me says

    Melissa, sounds very Interesting…. I didn’t know about the “skin to skin” contact you mentioned. I have to ask my nieces and sisters if they were topless when they delivered their children…. I also did an internet search and so weird… I didn’t come across any topless women holding children after giving birth…but I’m glad you mentioned it….I’ll have to keep my eye out for these photos.

  3. Melissa says

    LOl @Just me. They probably knew the birth was imminent and had them remove their shirts. The explanation said the baby was delivered by a midwife and they tend to be a bit more new agey. However, if you don’t believe me google “after birth skin to skin contact”

  4. Me says

    I actually find the pictures kind of appalling. You want to have a kid….great! You publicize the pictures…..you’re a filthy media whore. Freakin crying half-naked loser.

  5. Rowan says

    Kevin and Poof are you really that dumb and clueless??

    If it wasn’t because LOGICALLY a bare child would want skin contact, what about germs from the clothes? Or the roughness? I mean really??

  6. says

    @Me: You mustn’t have many friends with newborns or much relationship with social media. My FB and Instagram feeds are full of them–new parents share baby photos, fact of life today, and why shouldn’t they? As for publicizing, the photos went viral–which generally means they got shared a lot with little effort (i.e. media whoring) from the parents themselves.

  7. Kevin Rickerson says


    I totally do not identify with or relate to the lip-quierving, miracle-of-life-sniveling expression on the alleged ‘father’s’ face. Butch up, dude. You’ll have 18 years for tears, and plenty of opportunities, I’m sure. But the camera is on now, and we have to demonstrate the superiority of our species. Look bored!

    “You’re handing me this why? To bond with? Okay. . We’re done. Now put it away, after you wash off all this….whatever. And thanks for ruining my Sergio Valenti guayabera and jeans ensemble. What time is brunch?”

  8. FakeOutrage says

    Yes because if it’s on the internet then it must be true.

    Have many many friends with kids and neither the mother or the father was shirtless when they held their baby. C’mon folks.

  9. Anon says

    Normalizing same sex relationships and same sex parenting is a good thing. This couple probably didn’t even do it for that; they shared for the same reasons hetero couples share.

    @”ME” You publicized your opinion…..so what does that make you????? I’ll give you a hint it’s the same predicate you assigned to this couple! Congrats, kk.

  10. Anon says


    Why should anyone care about your fake outrage, pray tell?

    You have many many friends? C’mon.

    What are you suggesting anyway, take their kids away? What are you some dirty anti-gay Russian scum bag – looking for any excuse to take away a same-sex couple’s kids?

  11. Sam says

    Funny, as someone who’s been present at dozens and dozens of births over the past 25 years, my immediate reaction was hmm, I guess the surrogate remained covered because she was deferring the bonding moments to the dads (+/- modesty in front of the camera).

    Many dads/non-birth moms get shirtless (or open their button-front shirts) and hold their babies right after birth these days. This is especially common at emergency c-sections when the birth mom is unable to do so immediately since she’s under anesthesia.

    Beautiful story. Kinda private to share with the media, but in this political climate, I can understand the desire to give up some privacy in order to help advance the cause of understanding and education.

  12. leprechaunvict says

    I see the douches are out in full force this eve. 1)I guess in the glorious US of A, midwife-assisted births are not as common as in the rest of the civilized world cuz y’all are ignorant as hell about this topic re why they’re shirtless 2)the new Dads had nothing to do with “whoring” to the media– a friend put this on Facebook and it went viral, so the media came to THEM a week afterward. Jeez.

    Haha and yet I come back to the sewer that is this comment board time after time while Andy Towle laughs his way to the bank…

  13. JackFknTwist says

    Wow !
    Maybe things are different in Europe.
    But I understood that all new parents do skin to skin contact for bonding and human warmth and heartbeat sounds and because a new born has never been in contact with anything but human flesh.

    And there is the importance of improving the APGAR Score at 1 min. and at 5 mins.

    These dads are wonderful; as well as all the advantages of skin contact they add feelings of human emotion and protection through skin contact.
    Some of these absurd comments above are concerned with shirts or no-shirts !
    This isn’t one of your basketball games.

  14. JackFknTwist says

    PS :
    This is a story of human love and two dads giving and having a new life and a love.
    It is not a story about phucking shirts, you Neanderthals.

  15. Merv says

    They’re shirtless because they were at a circuit party when they got texted with the good news. Fortunately, it took only fifteen minutes to make it to the hospital, pose for photos, hand it off to the au pair, and head on back.

  16. says

    Was it PT Barnum who said that “no one will ever go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public…”? I saw the fathers, shirtless, and thought, “oh, that must be to help the baby bond with them…that makes great sense…” and lo, it turns out to be a not uncommon practice. So many ignorami just must be compelled to jump to the nearest, negative conclusion…

  17. simon says

    There are a lot of prudes here. Weather is getting warm. Go out of your house. There are a lot of shirtless guys outside. Not that I will complain.

  18. Merv says

    I’d be willing to bet a dollar that the shirtless dad baby bonding practice has no scientific basis. How would you even begin to design a study to validate it? Are you going to interview the baby afterwards? I hope I’m wrong, because otherwise there are a lot of dads making fools of themselves.

  19. bicurious says

    In my opinion if the man is going to be shirtless and crying and quivering like a wimp the camera didn’t need to come out until after he was dressed and pulled together. Sorry but I believe that there should be standards.

  20. melvin says

    What a cesspool this comment thread is. If Towleroad is unwilling to moderate, just turn off this fountain of negativity. Truly embarrassing.

  21. simon says

    I also have the suspicion that it is hospital rule that you need to take off your shirt before you get into contact with a newborn baby. They may need to wipe you down with antiseptic. Any doctor or nurse here who can confirm it?

  22. Leaundra says

    Sigh Google is your friend. My son-in-law and daughter did skin to skin. Their daughter was a preemie just 2 pounds 11 ounces. A lot of fathers do it. Just because people don’t understand something doesn’t make it bad. By the way this is such a beautiful picture…Good luck to them!

  23. UFFDA says

    Remember, these fathers didn’t post this picture to be put on line. A friend took it and posted it. This is genuine, personal and not for the pubic. All comments are both irrelevant and inappropriate.

  24. Fenrox says

    My dad was shirtless when I was born, I asked my mom about it because it looked so stupid, hospital room with mom in bed and dad shirtless holding me, and she said it was because my grandmother (his side) said that babies need skin contact. He also has a mullet and a mesh trucker hat and a mustache, nobody looks good.

  25. Fenrox says

    Yeah also, my first thought when seeing that photo was that they were just hot, it’s the summer you know.

    Also, European countries have way lower IMR, because they aren’t insanely stupid, so 2 midwives could easily set up a birthing suite at a house.

  26. Fenrox says

    Yeah also, my first thought when seeing that photo was that they were just hot, it’s the summer you know.

    Also, European countries have way lower IMR, because they aren’t insanely stupid, so 2 midwives could easily set up a birthing suite at a house.

  27. tallrobert says

    The last time I saw a man sob and clutch something that intensely was when my ex found a Tom Ford jacket for $10.00 at a Barney’s clearance…and he was shirtless, too!

  28. Me says

    Loved the comment from the person who asked if there was any scientific study about this. And also the other comments from people saying ‘google is your friend” regarding “studies” about this…yeah….google it….and see that while people TALK about it, there is no direct link to a SCIENTIFIC study about this. It’s a bunch of new-age BS.

    Great that the baby has some loving parents – but please put your shirts on.

  29. says

    @Me: “bunch of new-age BS” is a scientific conclusion? Whose, yours? And so what if it were BS? It’s the human body. Weird that some gay men find their delicate sensibilities so upset by men without shirts on.

  30. Me says

    @Ernie – please please please pay attention. If you read my comment, you’d see that I was referring to the fact that I did not find any scientific studies on this topic…only “feel good” type of “new age BS.”

    Clear for you now, or do I need to take more time to talk down to your low-grade-level mentality?

  31. I won't grow up says

    It is obvious there is no scientific reason for it. The fact that your parents should love you is also some new age BS. No one here claimed it is “scientific”. It is a custom which needs no scientific explanation in case you don’t know what science can or can’t do.

  32. bicurious says

    There used to be at least a modicum of sophistication, class, and decorum in gay culture. Sadly this appears to be no more. I’m sorry but these shirtless photos are tacky and gross and the practice is based on new age hokum. On top of all this the man’s chest hair appears to be growing back as stubble and that can’t be comfortable for the new born infant.

  33. Bud Clark says

    When I saw the pics, I knew immediately what they were doing, and thought, “how wonderful!” Get your minds out of the gutter, people … overjoyed new gay fathers have NOT taken off their shirts to molest their new-born son in a crowded birthing suite.

    My birth mother never touched me. I was immediately whisked away to the nursery, as she had decided to put me up for adoption. My adoptive mother wasn’t much better. It was the housekeeper who raised me.

  34. UFFDA says

    Folks, you don’t sass ERNIE. He’s got the clearest head on this site. The only time he’s ever been wrong was when he didn’t agree with me.

  35. MichaelJ says

    @Shawn: All too often lazy-minded people here and on other websites post ignorant comments before doing simple Internet searches for some information.

    Regardless of whether there is any “scientific” basis supporting the practice for infants to have skin contact immediately after birth, the practice isn’t harmful and the practice is what the fathers and others involved in the birth believe is good. It’s pretty mean-spirited to project shameful motives to these fathers.

  36. Timothy Kincaid says

    I’ve read about studies which show that skin to skin contact with a mother greatly increased bonding. I don’t recall it including men, but I would imagine the same to be true.

    Also, I seem to recall that long before the baby can recognize visually or by sound, they recognize skin somehow.

  37. Sam says

    “Why do all new born babies look like muppets?

    Posted by: I wont grow up | Jul 6, 2014 11:46:38 AM”

    They don’t. Some of them are dead ringers for Winston Churchill.

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