Gay Man Attacked with Glass Bottle in Oslo After Being Asked if He is Gay


Keith Brooks-Bekkestrom was attacked in a park in Oslo, Norway by two men who approached him on a bench and asked if he was gay. Brooks-Bekkestrom sais he was confused about why they asked him but replied 'yes' when they did.

CutThe two men then proceeded to attack him and when he fought back to defend himself a third man approached and struck him in the head with a bottle. Another man who was in the park with his family came to help and the attackers fled, according to media reports.

The man helped Brooks-Bekkestrom wash his wounds in a fountain and call police.

Said Brooks-Bekkestrom to Norwegian media: "They had to sew a deep wound, so I have a pain in my head. They had to sew over my eye, and I have a wound on his arm. I do not feel safe here anymore, it will take some time."

Wrote Brooks-Bekkestrom yesterday on Facebook: "I'm very happy to report that today's hearing at the Oslo Courthouse went incredibly smoothly. The three men who attacked me were not present in the courtroom. I was required to describe the incident to a prosecutor, defense lawyers and judges, with help of an interpreter. We will see how the case continues, but I have to show my deep appreciation to Alexander Aronsen,Martin Phillip Fjellanger, Sebastian Forbes, and the American embassy representative (c/o Ashley Rainey Donahey) who were with me the entire hearing, along with Eirik Willyson, who came as well. And of course, all of you in spirit. It meant a great deal to me that you were there, and that I was not alone."

Brooks-Bekkestrom also wrote a note to Towleroad: "A lot of people have perceptions about Norway and Scandinavia being safe for LGBT people, but this illustrates that homophobia exists everywhere and that there is still much work to be done around the world."


  1. Truther says

    So no details in the suspects at all and they are apparently in custody. Must mean they are either African or Muslims or both.

  2. Steve H says


    That’s an amazing amount of conjecture drawn from nothing. How do you do that?

    Keith, While I don’t know you I’m sure sorry for the pain you suffered. It’s sweet to hear that people were there for you when you needed them though

  3. tad says

    Advice: if a stranger approaches you in public and asks if you are gay – they most assuredly do not have good intentions.

  4. mia says

    The 3 perpetrators were between 26 and 30 years- all with an extensive criminal record from before.
    People say they did not have a nordic look! Keith also speaks Norwegian, he did at least in the TV interview. Both he and several witnesses described the perpetrators and they were taken in for questioning immediately. They had a discharge of their clothes, so they investigated whether the blood came from the person they attack.

    violence and blind violence happens all Places, also in Norway 8not tht often, but it happens). In this case acted authorities quickly and correctly. They are in custody charged with extreme violence under aggravating circumstances

  5. Eugene says


    Only the “African” part is racist. The “Muslim” part is appropriate.

  6. says

    Mr Brooks-Bekkestrom, thank you for following through and testifying and sticking up for yourself – and others who would be too afraid. – G

  7. Rick says

    “So no details in the suspects at all and they are apparently in custody. Must mean they are either African or Muslims or both.”

    Yep. No doubt.

  8. Merv says

    Yes, undoubtedly the perpetrators are Muslims or Christians. Atheists don’t do crap like this.

  9. funinsnowfall says

    I’ve never been to Norway. Unsure about this case as we are only hearing 1 side of story. When I read about a gay (transexuals are mutilated gays/lesbians and they must abolish sex changes) bashing case in the news, I wonder what the view is of the journalist reporting this on homosexuality/lesbianism. I also wonder if the journalist is a homosexual or lesbian and if so, are they setting aside their bias and reporting the news with no problems. I do not trust news that I get from Daily Kos or the Huffington Post on their coverage of gay bashing cases because they predictably make the homosexual look like an innocent victim no matter what wrong the gay does.

    If a defense lawyer in a gay bashing case wants to raise a crime the gay did such as harassment, indecent exposure, stalking, etc. before man reacted violently, then that must be regarded in deciding verdict. I would rather have a case where a jury decides if a man’s reaction to bashing or killing a homosexual is justified or excess vs. the man doesn’t do enough and the gay does something worse to him or the next man and you do not always know what the homosexual did to others before you.

    With gay bashing cases, I have found that gays often harass & or commit assault/battery on teenage boys to men in early 20s & the men react by bashing the gay. Most men and boys who are victims of gays usu. won’t call cops to report that a gay is committing indecent exposure, harassment or in worst cases molestation until some1 reacts violently and bashes the gay. Again I would rather have too much done than not enough in that I would rather have a case where a jury decides if a man’s reaction to bashing or killing a homosexual is justified or excess vs. the man doesn’t do enough and the gay does something worse. Most gay bashings I have found are men reacting to crimes which the homosexual first did such as after a homosexual committed indecent exposure, assault & battery or other crime.

    A rebuttal people make with my argument is that gay bashers will sometimes say things to justify their deeds such as saying the homosexual committed indecent exposure, harassment, stalking and so on and that it’s the gay basher’s side of story which may or may not be true. Yes, just as gay basher’s have an interest to justify their deeds, gay bashing victims have an interest to make themselves look like innocent victims.

  10. Michael says

    The behavior of these psychopaths is validated in every policy and philosophy which denigrates and undermines same gender love and attraction. That’s all I ever get from events like this.

  11. Michael says


    You need to seek help and/or put down the alcohol and drugs. Also, stop being a follower. Get a grip, a life and then maybe you can step up to the plate.

  12. ratbastard says

    As Scandinavian countries embrace more ‘diversity’, their social problems, not to mention violence and crime rates, increase. The native Nordic people are pretty tolerant, but the majority if the refugees and imigrants they allow in certainly are not, especially in regards to homosexuals. It would seem to be one of the main contradictions far left gays must grapple with. Many of our fellow ‘minorities’ hate us more than the evil white oppressors.

  13. Gerry says

    Some further details (Keith is a friend of my partner’s and stayed with us last year while visiting Norway.)

    NRK, Norway’s national broadcaster, has been following Keith’s story since the beginning. Last time I checked, three reporters have contributed to the narrative.

    It is usual for Norwegian media to avoid mentioning the ethnicity of the perpetrators of violent crimes. Most of the times what NRK and other media report are whether a suspect is “nordic” or “non-nordic”. Nevertheless, I haven’t personally heard from Keith or from an official source about the ethnicity of his attackers.

    He was attacked in a park in Grunneloekka, a hipster-y districy in Oslo with lots of indie shops and restaurants, but which is not very far from problematic zones which some regard as the Muslim Ghetto of Oslo, Grunnland. While usually measured, many of the bigger islamic organisations in Norway have a history of controversial positions regarding LGBTs, much like in the UK or the other nordic countries.

    While Norwegian society is very liberal regarding things like LGBT rights, nudity, tattoos, cohabitation, etc., there are “pockets” where same-sex PDAs will cause more than just stares. Anti-gay violence, sadly, is not unheard of in the vicinities of some areas in Oslo, for example, but is not common anywhere else.

  14. Enchantra says

    Given the stats of the ethnicity of rapists in Norway, is it a reach to believe that those who attack gay people are the same?