1. says

    He didn’t know? Please. They’re attention whores.

    This is the same guy who has tons of videos online (including that one about him asking people if he was gay or not).

  2. Tyler says

    I don’t have much patience got guys who pride themselves on passing for straight.

  3. Dre says

    Since it’s obvious that the majority of the commenters here didn’t actually watch the video before commenting, allow me (an actual YouTube subscriber to both Mark and Ethan) to elaborate.

    1) They’re both openly gay and dating each other, so no, “there’s no way this guy is straight”. He even refers to Ethan as “baby” at the end, and says he hopes he still loves him.

    2) Mark was the one who uploaded the video to his account, while Ethan, who had sent him the first video of himself, didn’t know that it would be going up. Calling Mark an attention-whore when you didn’t understand what was happening is so unnecessary and just plain unpleasant.

    3) “White people copying stuff again”. For heaven’s sake, he actually states right there in the video that he saw the original video and that was what inspired his version.

    It’s one thing to have an opposing opinion on any topic in particular. It’s quite another to just mindlessly spew vitriol without even bothering to find out first what it is you’re criticizing. There’s no doubt that this site usually has amazing and intelligent comments beneath articles, but sometimes it’s just so sad to see how negative people can be for no justifiable reason.

  4. TomTallis says

    I dare them to try it with a pair of 501s. I could probably suggest someone who would button the fly with his teeth…

  5. bicurious says

    These children sure put in a great deal of effort for such low level accomplishment. It is rather a sad waste of their time on earth in my opinion.

  6. R says

    They are remarkably attractive… and clearly know their youtube demographic well.

    Not every vlog has to be intellectually stimulating — much as I love intellectually stimulating vlogs.

    Some can be hot guys finding excuses to show off their hot bods in their underwear. I’m okay with that!

  7. BigGuy says

    Years ago, when I wasn’t quite sure, I had a date with a woman in college. She said the girls in her school all said she was weird. I said, “I’m sure you’ll not that weird at all. You put on your pants one leg at a time, just like everybody else.”

    She looked at me with a frightened stare.

    I said, “Oh, you don’t put on your pants one leg at a time. You sit on the edge of the bed and pull up both legs of your pants at the same time.”

    She said, “Yes, isn’t that how everyone gets dressed?”

    I concluded that what the girls were saying about her was TRUE.

    Very spooky.

  8. Die Whiny Bitches says

    Its sad that several of the commenter enforce the gay stereotype that homosexual men are all whiny little bitches.
    I bet all you old wankers wish that when you were their age you could be as happy and as care free as they are today and because you could not you take your frustrations out on innocent young men trying to be happy and live their life while showing other young people its OK to be themselves.
    You are jealous that they have what you could not have so you put them down to make your self feel better.

  9. Jeff says

    It’s more role models for the young kids. That’s the big deal here. Well produced videos (candid but staged) of them being gay and happy. Hard to knock that. No booze and not much of the bar scene here, it looks healthy too.

    I can see these videos as being the gay marriage foe’s worst nightmare. The so-called conservatives who want gays and the lifestyle to appear not fun at all (bad), they see this and they understand the power of media at play, and know the viewers are young, and it’s just the writing on the wall that says the future has arrived. It’s worse than a cold glass of water to the face for them.

    Let’s cherish these now weekly advances and major victories for gays that we keep seeing. This video is another good sign of how far thing have come.

    It’s nice to have some good news in life once in a while right.

  10. SE says

    I agree with what another poster said – There is absolutely no way Ethan didn’t know this would be posted. Have you SEEN this couple and actually watched at least 10 videos in their collection??

    Mark posts things ALL the time and is a video maker/student. To say Ethan didn’t know this was game to be posted is like going to McDonalds and expecting a wide array of health food items.

    They are, however, a VERY cute couple and very hot. Love them.

  11. JustKeepingitreal says

    Your comment proves you’re an A–Hole.
    I’m just calling ’em like I see ’em.

    YOU’RE calling someone a whore. This coming from someone known as a “cumdump” LOL

    We know, you hate white people, YAWN.

    This site makes you sad. I hate to think what happens when you look in mirror.