Georgian Soprano Tamar Iveri Plans Benefit Concert To Apologize To Gay People

Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri announced yesterday that she intends to hold a benefit concert in Tbilisi dedicated to sexual minorities.

Tamar iveri

Georgian soprano Tamar Iveri announced yesterday that she intends to hold a benefit concert in Tbilisi dedicated to sexual minorities, reports Classical Lite.

Last month, Iveri was released from her contract with Opera Australia after posting anti-gay comments on Facebook in which she referred to gay people as “faecal masses.”  The homophobic post was framed as a letter to the Georgian president regarding the violence which occurred at a gay march in Georgia in 2012.

Iveri said that the planned concert, which is "dedicated to the victims of all kinds of violence," is to apologize to LGBT people.

The concert will take place in Tbilisi on October 11, which is National Coming Out Day. All money raised at the event will be used to assist victims of violence.

Describing Iveri’s views as “unconscionable”, Opera Australia has since replaced her with Armenian soprano Lianna Haroutounian. 


  1. Critifur says

    Nope. This wasn’t an accidental utterance of “Faggot”. This was a well thought out missive containing her genuine thoughts about gay people. This is not something she can just backtrack by giving a concert. No sir.

  2. Marshall says

    OK. She cheered violence and persecution against LGBT folks; got fired; and now can’t find work. So, what does she do? She holds a phony apology concert to kiss and make up.


  3. Jay says

    Just a desperate attempt to save her career. But it will not work. The money raised from this concert is not going to aid the victims of anti-gay violence.

  4. Ravenous says

    Tamar Iveri is a MONSTER. One can NOT make the type of comments she did and do a 180 weeks later.
    All she gives a damn about his her IMAGE and her $$$INCOME$$$. That’s ALL that matters to her.

    She LIED and tried to scapegoat her husband for her hideous comments, and now she’s LYING about her remorse.

    She can go to hell. People like her are SCUM.

    She still believes every word of what she said; she’s just upset that there were negative consequences for HER; if there weren’t she would be pushing further like the Naziesque she-beast that she is.


  5. Icebloo says

    Now she can no longer find work as a singer she has to find a real job ! She doesn’t want to have to actually work for a living so she is apologizing so she can get her job back.

    What a self absorbed bitc# !

  6. Tessie Tura says

    Sorry, darling. As the Prima Donna Assoluta of the Bacon Level / Hickory Flat Consolidated Opera Company, I can assure you that a good soprano voice and a couple of dollars can get you a cup of coffee. You can be – and have been – replaced.

  7. Matt27 says

    She is taking step to the right direction, she made a bad and sad and big mistake, but life is full of mistakes. I’ll watch and see, how she will come out of this.

  8. Dan Cobb says

    What a bizarre woman! She totally supports the way the government of Georgia allowed haters and neo-nazis to spit on and beat gay marchers –even to the point of writing a letter of support to the President of Georgia who allowed the gay marchers to be attacked…
    so she’s going to give a BENEFIT CONCERT in this entirely homophobic country of Georgia with proceeds going to support the LGBT community?!? Who exactly is going to attend this concert?? The Georgians who hate gays (or don’t hate gays but cannot be open about not hating gays there)??? The gays in Georgia, who this woman called “fecal masses”…? What an asinine idea. This woman has no clue and her handlers are just making it worse by this ridiculous stunt!

  9. Dan Cobb says

    BOBN… it was disproven. She actually SIGNED the letter that had that language. Those statements were her own. Obviously trying to pass it all off on her husband is just a manipulation to try to save her career. Typical Russian hater… typical Russian liar.

  10. Dan Cobb says

    WILL: Her letter to the President of Georgia praised the president for allowing the fascists to attack and hurt gay people. She called gays the FECAL MASSES.

    Wow… I guess the KKK should be given a “second chance” by blacks… and maybe the Jews should consider reviving Hitlerism and giving him a second chance. Are you really such an utter naive moron? Really?

  11. Dan Cobb says

    I’m sure she’ll be more popular than ever with the Vladimir Putin crowd. Don’t know why she’s worried… she’ll have bigger audiences than ever in Russia and the middle east where she can make insulting gays part of her show.

    She’s probably just sorry that she’ll only be paid in sacks of potatoes and carrots in the future. All that hard currency from opera houses in the west just went up in smoke.

  12. Anon says

    @”WILL” The people who deserve to be skewered and pilloried are people like Tamar Iveri and disingenuous liars like you.

    Who’s “we”??? You’re posturing as a member of the LGBT community? You have no gay sensibility. You expect us to believe you’re an LGBT person who doesn’t mind being called fecal masses, and doesn’t mind that a public figure condoned very real violence including the breaking of jaws?! You’re not LGBT.

    You’re a troll. And you’re probably “BOBN” and “MATT27″ as all those responses are very short, written in the same style, and appear consecutively.
    So to answer your other question under another name, Tamar eventually admitted that she lied and said her husband did it.

    She didn’t make a ‘sad and big mistake'; that’s what Jonah Hill did. Tamar Iveri did much much worse; she’s a she-devil! And she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven by LGBTs.

  13. Kit says

    Her rampant homophobia will not hurt her career at all in Putin’s Russia. Her apology is because it will hurt her career elsewhere in the world. So why doesn’t she just stay home and sing for the homophobes? My guess is that she doesn’t want to live in the ugly world that bigots ALWAYS make around them. Homophobic societies are awful places to live for everyone. But it is justice that this piece of filth will be stuck in the nasty world that her nastiness helps create.

  14. oncemorewithfeeling says

    She’s a known bigot and a liar. With her track record of low moral character, her international career is over — at least in any nation that matters.

    Oh, is she going to be a bitter old woman.

  15. UFFDA says

    It almost hurts to think of her fall. Splat. So flat there won’t even be a dental record. What was her name again?

    COBB – to be “paid in sacks of potatoes and carrots” – that was funny, as well as telling of the world she comes from and is now stuck in. Onions. She’ll get some onions too but won’t need them to cry.

  16. Houndentenor says

    No matter what business you are in, you do not bite the hand that feeds you. In opera many of those hands are gay. Her career is over, at least in the West.

  17. walter says

    Sorry her apology is only in response to her loss of income from cancelled concerts. Her original position and comments are exactly how she feels . if she is here on a visa the state department should cancel it.

  18. DavidR says

    FYI: Georgian is not Russian and Georgia and Russia. In fact, if you read the news, they fought a war not too long ago. Not to say there’s no connection, but they’re not the same thing.

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