Iran’s Remake Of ‘Modern Family’ Excludes Gay Characters – VIDEO


Iranian television comedy Haft Sang, an almost scene-by-scene remake of Modern Family, has written out all gay characters or made them straight, according to Gay Star News.

The gender of other characters have also been changed to avoid mixing of the sexes before marriage.

The unauthorized remake tries to recreate the appeal of Modern Family within the religious guidelines of Iran’s theocratic state.

A comparison video made by an Iranian fan of Modern Family shows how blatantly Haft Sang has ripped off the ABC comedy.

Earlier this year, head of the American Family Association Bryan Fischer said that Modern Family is "poison", "harmful," and "lethal."

Watch Sina Haghighi’s comparison video, AFTER THE JUMP…


  1. Dback says

    What’s truly sad is this is a complete misinterpretation/bastardization of how well-done comedy can truly cross cultural borders–“Eat Drink Man Woman” moved from a Chinese family to a Latino one and became “Tortilla Soup.” Because of Iran’s fearfulness and restrictions, they’ve completely changed and rendered irrelevant the idea of a “modern” family, because in an Islamic theocracy, by default there can be no such thing. (The slapstick bits were interesting, however, only in that I’ve never seen any sort of comedy come out of Iran before.)

  2. D says

    Wait, by changing the second scene with the mom and the door didn’t the Iranian version imply that the two boys are in a relationship and the mom knows?

  3. TheWitch says

    Iran is SO creative! :-/

    How was “Modern Family” renamed for the Iranian version anyway? “Old World Patriarchal Authoritarian Family”?! lol absurd.

  4. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “It’s a farce — in Farsi.”

    Cute comment, Hansel.

    You know, when I used to proctor students taking essay exams, I once had an Iranian student tell me how his people were the original White people (like I cared). It had something to do with Caucasus Mountain range, and the people who migrated from there to Europe.

    I said, ” well, that’s nice. Do you know any cute Africans or Arabs that you can introduce me to? I’m not really into Persians”

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