James Franco Was Everywhere This Year, Including Stephen Colbert’s Christmas Card: VIDEO


James Franco joined Stephen Colbert last night for a grilling on a variety of topics, including what comes after his PhD, when he's going to settle down and have a family, his view on the Orlando Bloom – Justin Bieber feud, his movie Child of God about a necrophiliac who becomes a murderer, things that he hasn't done and those that he'd like to do, and his ubiquity this year which included a surprise appearance on Colbert's Christmas card.



  1. John says

    He would be a hard man to have a relationship with. Isn’t it weird how straight people are constantly worried about single heteros “settling down”? Why can’t a person be single in peace and live their lives fully instead of getting married and having kids and tons if bills?

  2. Derrick from Philly says

    Oh, my Lord. Stephen Colbert is relentless in his assault, and James Franco doesn’t care about making money. What could be a better combination?

  3. james street james says

    “Banded” males (those wearing wedding rings) are always captivated by “free” males (like Franco wearing his beaded bracelets), and want to know how they get away with it. It is especially bothersome when the free male appears so happy. It is a part of the “misery loves company” syndrome.

    Once a married friend said to me, Once you get married your life is not your own. Just out of the blue while we were out on an adventure.

  4. gr8guyca says

    While it was funny that Franco popped up on Colbert’s Christmas car, I was surprised to see Colbert put his entire family in the spotlight. He has been meticulous about keeping his “Stephen Colbert” character separated from the actual Stephen Colbert.
    It was a rare look into his real life.

  5. Terry Miller says

    It’s funny how many people still don’t realize the difference between Stephen Colbert the character, and the actual man; funny or scary. When he is on Fresh Air with Teri Gross, as the man, it’s very interesting; thought it was great seeing Franco try to draw that out, and how the character handled it.

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