Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm Spit Food All Over Each Other: VIDEO


ICYMI: here is a hilarious skit from Friday's Tonight Show, where Jimmy Fallon and Jon Hamm send-up 80s slapstick TV with a fictional show called “Palisades Park Pet Patrol."

As funny as the alliteration is, the real belly laughs come when the skit escalates into an exercise in spit up food. You might have been entranced by Jon Hamm's luscious beard at first, but soon enough, when you are gagging from the mess, you'll wish he was working the usual Don Draper five o'clock shadow.

Check out the clips, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. McMike says

    I’ve watched Fallon once on his opening night in his new spot and there were several jokes I found offensive, jokes where being gay was the punchline.

  2. David From Canada says

    I just finished eating. Yuk – this skit wasn’t funny. I imagine that even most highschool kids wouldn’t indulge in this type of over-the-top nonsense. And to think Jimmy Fallon gets paid for junk like this………!

  3. Mike in the Tundra says

    @ Josh – I was certain I wouldn’t like it, but I thought it was hilarious.

  4. saywhat says

    jimmy fallon has never been funny

    You have to wonder who he has been having sex with at NBC since his snl days to still have a job

  5. Markt says

    John Hamm made that funny. I often find Fallon’s show (and him)funny – but there is something(s) about him I don’t like. Definitely wouldn’t want to know him personally.

  6. Mike says

    Jimmy Fallon has finally attained the APPARENTLY long sought demographic for The Tonight Show, THOSE WITH AN I.Q. OF 70 AND BELOW who do not even have a bank account, let alone a job.

    How much money was wasted? Congratulations to all of the bottom feeders at the network involved . . .

  7. Chris Lamparello says

    I remember the days when the Tonight Show was really sizzling. It was practically an American institution. Johnny Carson was terrific, along with Ed McMahon as his sidekick. Unfortunately, it really started to go downhill with Jay Leno, who wasn’t funny in the least. Now, it’s crashed to the bottom of the barrel with Jimmy Fallon. They should be ashamed of what they did to a once great, iconic show.

  8. Robert says

    Johnny Carson was an egomaniac who had nothing but contempt for his audience and the general public. Jay Leno was a sniveling moron. Jimmy Fallon is at least a nice guy. But Craig Ferguson was the best talk show host, possibly ever.

  9. MATTROCKS says

    Once again, the ROBERTs of this board do their “drive-by” character assassinations and never explain themselves when challenged.