1. David From Canada says

    I loved it! Everybody loves a wedding. And Joan took it quite seriously. When people started to sing, Here comes the bride, she corrected them and said Groom. Great!

  2. pete n sfo says

    I hope P-town shows up… they don’t have to decimate her, but it would be nice, especially in that setting, if someone were able to explain why her recent comments not only fell flat, but are dangerous to many. Maybe she’d even walk her comments back a bit. I’d hope so.

    We love Joan… but we really love Mrs. Obama… and although some may not feel the same, my trans friends are part of the family, & you just don’t trash family in public.

  3. revchicoucc says

    Let’s see. Is Joan Rivers authorized under New York State law to solemnize a marriage? Did the couple produce a marriage license?

    If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” then they are not legally married.

    No matter how lovely the ceremony.

  4. Wisebear says

    Yes she is authorized, and yes they brought the paperwork hoping she would say yes. Legal and sweet.

    Her comments about Obama were jokes. She makes jokes, that’s what she does. If someone puts a Mike in her face she tells a joke. They can’t all be winners, but it was not meanly intentioned.

  5. Jim says

    Her comments about Obama & Michelle weren’t exactly jokes, they were snide comments made on the fly that weren’t very funny, but whatever. I’m giving Joan a pass because she has supported gays her whole career, while not exempting them (or anyone else) from joking about them. Also, I give her props for refusing to settle down at 81 – after all, what are we all going to be doing? Shuffleboard in Boca Raton?

  6. Joseph Singer says

    Why would anyone want to be married by this jerky POS who thinks it’s funny calling the first lady a trans and making disparaging remarks about Barack Obama.

  7. RJ says

    @JOSEPH SINGER … So all those jokes the President makes each year at the White House correspondents’ dinner, “at the expense of someone else” are also “not cool” in your opinion?

    The gay and trans jokes Rivers made about the PotUS and FLotUS might not be funny (I personally didn’t think they were funny), but they’re simply jokes. I’m sure the Obamas have heard far worse during their time in the White House.

  8. ej says

    I’m ok with what Joan said because I believe her words are just what she presented them to be, just jokes. Whether anyone personally finds them funny or not really isn’t the point. If people (especially LGBT folks who are annoyed now because the loaded “T” word was used) truly thought “making jokes at the expense of others” wasn’t funny or cool, half of the comedians would be out of business and our community wouldn’t make up 75% or more of the audience for Kathy Griffin and Margaret Cho among others. Humor is, and always will be, subjective.

  9. codpiece says

    Joan is fabulous. And has always been supportive. The Obama comments were a joke. All that “tempest in a tea cup” going on yesterday here at towleroad was silly. She was joking. She is very close to the LGBT community—if she can’t make a gay joke than who can?!?!? And here she is earlier in the same week PROVING her support for us, by performing a gay marriage. And in the Pedro Zamora gay iconography article they mention the very first ever gay commitment ceremony to ever be broadcast on television was on “the Joan Rivers Show” way back in the early 1990’s. Joan’s support is well documented on video and in her charity and activism. She’s great. People need to get a sense of humor. Learn the difference between a joke and an attack when it comes from someone this supportive of us.

  10. virtud says

    The wedding happened earlier in the week and was reported everywhere, except here.

    Why is this site always so behind on reporting the news?

  11. Rich F. says

    Well, “Jay,” Jed and Joe have been together for sixteen years, and were already engaged. You don’t know jack about them, so why don’t you shut your useless mouth?

  12. Victor says

    I had seen her a couple of years ago, and she was still hilarious. Not every joke is a winner when you suddenly have a mike in your face.

    Good for Joan that she officiated that wedding (whether it was legal for her and whether they did paperwork – whatever – it’s clear she was fine with it; and she was fine with it for longer than the President, who believed in it, then took it back, then believed in it again when pushed by Biden).

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