Kiesza and ‘Hideaway’ Wow The Late Show: VIDEO

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OXD favorite Kiesza appeared on Letterman Thursday, bringing some no-joke choreography to the Late Show stage.

The Canadian pop singer is best known for her international hit "Hideaway," whose single-take music video has gone viral.

On Letterman, Kiesza brought the video's choreography alive onstage. The often-prickly Letterman seemed genuinely impressed, flashing a big grin when he came onstage at the song's end.

If you're into old school diva anthems, "Hideaway" will probably float your boat — think a 2014 update on 90s house classic "Show Me Love" by Robin S.

Check out video of Kiesza on letterman AFTER THE JUMP…



  1. says

    Dave was not being snarky about her being wet. She was running though a fire hydrant. I am sorry I missed that show. I skipped it because Joan Rivers was on the show and I decided to watch.

  2. MJ says

    I’m sure Dave was also excited she ran through the fire hydrant because lately he’s brought back the bit where he fires off a sprinkler on the sidewalk to soak passersby.

  3. BrokebackBob says

    She’s standing on the very big shoulders of Madonna, bless her heart. Don’t count her out yet. If it worked once, it might work again.

    @B : Squeaky, high voice. Very unpleasant. Not much of a range. Good dancing, if you like that, but the song is awful.

    That’s what they said about Madonna in the beginning. Now she’s worth more than the GDP of some countries, and she’s still innovating and influencing.

  4. Betocreativo says

    I’m totally impressed. Girl knows how to deliver a performance without losing her breath. Who else can do that? Madonna comes to my mind…

  5. emjayay says

    Not squeaky. More yelpy. Like a yelpier young Michael Jackson with zero range. Horrible hair and outfit. Worthless song. Music sounds like it was done on a Casiotone.

  6. Betocreativo says

    @Donny. Not only that, you have to be in control of your lungs and diaphragm while you move, that’s HARD. And yes, P!nk is also a master of that thanks to her atleticism and resistance. I will follow this girl closely. Pop is about to be fitted to retro soon.

    PS: Also I love how some posters here change their name to post various times and bash. How confidents. Just saying

  7. Pinky says

    Really….fingernails on a chalkboard voice.

    Dancing? Nope…like all “Hip Hop” it’s just synchronized aerobics.

    Song…cute little ditty for background while cleaning.

    However, it was nice to see that the so called “dancers” were not all chiseled or skinny freaks and actually looked like people.

  8. Betocreativo says

    @usagi-chan She’s singing live. Pay attention, preferably in a 1080 screen dude. Loo her closely.

    @emjayay and @pinky her voice has range (subtle i must add), do a research guys, there’s another videos of her singing that song also live and even also almost-unplugged and more impressively in another style that isn’t electropop.

    Also @pinky, dude, how old are you? Her dance routine is also retro, that’s her concept for this song (and the album if the other single is an indication). Clearly you didn’t lived the 80s.

  9. craig says

    I dunno if she was singing all of it live. There’s an “ooooh” at 1:19 where the mic is nowhere near her mouth, and that “oooh” sounds the same as the one at 1:20 where the mic is right at her mouth. So unless the “oohs” and “ahhs” are fake, or the mic is a prop, then she’s probably not singing live.

  10. emjayay says

    I think the oohs and ahhs are on the recorded track and she is singing live. On second excruciating viewing…I’d say the same things again. Maybe she can do all kinds of stuff, but there is little range in this video and every single note is delivered in the same high belting yelp. And I’m far from any kind of fashionista, but that costume and hair would be horrendous on anyone and particularly her. There is nothing retro about it. Looking at her actually made my skin crawl, a reaction I’ve never had before outside of horror films.

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