Laverne Cox Talks About the Backlash She Received After Appearing on TIME Magazine: VIDEO

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Laverne Cox’s cover on the June edition of TIME Magazine solidified the actress-cum-activist’s position as one of the country’s leading voices in the fight for trans rights. While TIME’s exposure strengthened Cox’s ability to amplify her message, the increased attention hasn’t been entirely positive for the Orange Is The New Black star.

“I’ve felt it since the cover of TIME Magazine, like all of a sudden like my Twitter feed and my Instagram there’s all this negativity.” She told BET. “I was getting Google Alerts about me [somehow being in league] with Satan.”

Fame monster notwithstanding, Cox’s star is on the rise. In addition to being nominated for an outstanding guest actress Emmy this morning, she’s producing Free CeCe!, a documentary chronicling the life of Cece McDonald, a transwoman sentenced to 41 months in prison after surviving her own bashing.

Watch Laverne’s full BET interview AFTER THE JUMP


  1. says

    we are ALL lucky to have her – her voice, her grace, her strength.

    seeing her speak in toronto over world pride was incredible – and her stories about her life, experiences as a child are so parallel to what a great many LGB people go through – make no mistake that there’s a huge element of transphobia and sexist-misogyny inherent to HOMOphobia. which is why, of course, this site’s self-hating anonymous worthless loser always throws in transphobic statements under various screen names.

    anyone who stands up to be counted and challenges society’s perceptions of gender norms opens themselves up to attention from the most unintelligent and mentally unstable people in society.

    the good news? Laverne is a strong, bright beacon of hope – with the resilience to bear it on her shoulders.

    and i love her for it.

  2. says

    BETTY – it’s never been a talent nor will it ever. It is, however, his only distraction in life. Think about how pathetic an excuse for a man he must be that his raison d’être is to come, every day, and anonymously type out hateful things.

    it’s the textbook definition of a coward with nothing to live for.

  3. says

    She has to accept the fact that when you actively seek out fame and notoriety (as she does as an actor), one of the consequences is that there will be criticism (good, bad, appropriate, inappropriate, ridiculous, or mainstream in nature). If she can’t handle this consequence of fame, then she needs to move on to a career that doesn’t require being a public figure and seeking the limelight.

  4. says

    The Good News, Perry, is that she’s not saying she can’t handle it – she’s merely addressing the reality that when you stand up to be counted you become a target for very deranged people.

    You know, like you only ever comment anonymously, under various names, and for some unknown reason choose to link your screen name to (why? why are you linking your name to because you’re too cowardly to say anything from a place of visibility. Laverne knows the power of her words, and how the worst of America take issue with her strength and truth.

    Just how you only comment anonymously because you’re still scared of upsetting your crap mommy and daddy :)

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    That’s an interesting comment, PERRY.

    But bigots aren’t hating her because of anything she’s done, they’re hating her simply because of her status as a Transwoman.

    I mean, it’s not like Laverne behaves on the same level as Kim Kadashian or …that…that gal from the hotel chains. Oh, Hilton, that’s the one. Have either of those two biological females ever voiced an intelligent thought.

    Now, I’m being mean. I apologize.

  6. says

    @Perry: Speaking honestly and matter-of-factly about fame and negativity from the transphobic hardly equates to not being able to handle it. There’s power in being open and honest, cowardice in hiding from reality.

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