Lebanese Police Conducting Torturous ‘Gay Tests’ On Suspected Gay Men

Members of the Lebanon police force’s “Moral Protection Bureau” alleged to be carrying out physical tests on men suspected to be homosexual, according to the Independent.

Screenshot 2014-07-17 08.21.08The tests, which include forcible anal probing, have been banned in the country, and are considered to be humiliating and degrading treatment by the Human Rights Watch.

While homosexuality remains illegal in Lebanon, the physical testing practices suspected of being used are considered a form of torture, and are illegal. A doctor, hired by the police to investigate the sexualities of five Lebanese and Syrian men, is said to have conducted the “test” at the authority's behest.

“We are asking the Order of Physicians to sue him [the doctor] for professional misconduct,” attorney Saghieh told The Daily Star, expressing concern that there were more unreported cases. “There are many sanctions available, so it is up to the people who are hearing this case to decide on what is adequate.”


  1. CleanUpEasy says

    Just a reminder not to trust a doctor’s Hippocratic oath. It’s just a meaningless formality, like when Christians claim to ‘reject Satan’ and turn around and spend their lives playing Satan against gays.

  2. Victor says

    Sadly, it will likely get worse for the Lebanese LGBT. The Christian community of Lebanon is not feeling as safe as before with a number of attacks on its members. And once their numbers will decrease, so will the secularity in Lebanese society…

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