150 Anti-Gay Bigots Protest as Lesbian Couple Attempts to Get Marriage License in NC: VIDEO

A lesbian couple has been denied a marriage license in Marion County, North Carolina.

North carolina

A same-sex couple has been denied a marriage license in Marion County, North Carolina, reports Campaign For Southern Equality.

Same-sex marriage is illegal in North Carolina.

The action was part of the WE DO campaign where same-sex couples have tried to get a marriage license across the state.

BigotsAlthough an estimated 150 anti-gay protesters turned out at the McDowell County Register of Deeds’ Office, the couple – Keisha and Dericka – was surrounded by friends and supporters and received a blessing from Rev. Christy Corna, who will officiate their wedding ceremony on September 6th.

Rev. Jasmine Beach-Ferrara, executive director of the Campaign for Southern Equality, said:

“This is what courage looks like–for Keisha and Dericka and their friends to stand up publicly for equality when there is so much pressure to stay silent, when you are outnumbered by those who are protesting you.”

After the license was refused, Dericka said:

“I hope that what we did today can help my future children have a better life. I hope that no child has to encounter some of the struggles I have.”

Despite being denied a state marriage license, the couple plans to marry in Washington, D.C., later this week.

Watch an ABC News 13 report, AFTER THE JUMP


  1. Rich says

    It is what courage looks like on our side and what hate looks like on their side. Really, these people have nothing better to do than to demonstrate their hatred and bigotry?

  2. Enchantra says

    If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. If these ladies are so proud of their love then the “haters” shouldn’t bother them. There’s a freedom of protest in the First Amendment and these people are entitled to it.

  3. jason MacBride says

    150 protestors who need to get a job, or donate some time to some worthy cause. Instead they make fools of themselves.

  4. cdubois says

    Mostly, if not all, white faces protesting equality and love, but no one mentions that… Yet when a black person is featured on this site expressing his/her opposition to gay rights you get the “typical black person,” comments or “I wonder how he would feel if we replaced the word Gay with Black” trope or my favorite from yesterday “Another uneducated minority athlete.” The bottom line is, if every black person or minority stood firm with the gay community it wouldn’t matter because we aren’t the ones shaping policy in this country, it’s older white males calling the shots. Why no racism or pigeonholing of that community, the ones who largely started, maintained and funded these ongoing campaigns of hate? why no “typical white guy” or “why are white people so hateful and ignorant” comments on a Matt Barber or Briebart post? Yet the David Tyree post from yesterday has two pages of comments, many of which are either racist or show a complete lack of awareness on the part of my gay white counterparts of their inherent white privilege. It is getting so frustrating! I know this isn’t directly related to this article, and I apologize if I sound vitriolic!I am jut getting so angry with the posters on this site and their demand for equality and understanding while exhibiting the exact same behavior they decry in their anti-gay hetero counterparts.

  5. ikahana says

    ENCHANTRA – Really? When two people want to apply for a marriage license they should welcome 150 protesters? Would that be true of a young man and young woman who apply for a marriage license? Should they be “greeted” by 150 protesters as well, because they are “so proud” of their love?

  6. Another Steve says

    Christians once again proving that they are the most awful people in the world.

  7. Stand together says

    Towleroad commentary is infected by one racist, misogynist, Transphobic, self-hating white Republican turd that posts under several names. He does it to stir animosity and create divide. Don’t let one vindictive troll outweigh all the positives the others bring.

    150 protestors didn’t just show up by accident. That was planned.
    Wonder why Campaign for Southern Equality didn’t arrange for a rally of supporters?

  8. KidJ/NYU says

    Proud of the both of them. It takes guts to stand up in a small town in NC. The protest, btw, was not some spur of the moment reaction by townspeople. You can clearly tell that it was organized by Ron Baity, a freakish antigay pastor who once said in a sermon that gay people were lower than maggots. It is a fair bet that a good chunk of the protesters are from his church

  9. jmartindale says

    These bigots are common as dirt. My neighbors in my little town in eastern North Carolina were disappointed they were not invited to my wedding in DC. (We limited it to family.) There are a LOT of open minds here in North Carolina. It used to be the most progressive state in the South. The petty outbursts of the prejudiced is going to end eventually. The more we let our neighbors see who we are, the more likely we are to win their hearts and minds.

  10. says

    @Enchantra: You’re absolutely right. The bigots have every right to their pathetic little protest and no one stopped them. They can protest till the cows come home, till long after this couple is married, and for years after marriage equality goes nationwide. If they want to waste their sunset years trying to prevent the inevitable, that’s their problem.

    And the lesbian couple and their supporters have every right to stage their protest. Just as it should be. But who says the lesbians can’t take the heat? They didn’t let the haters prevent them from doing exactly what they intended to do, which is protest NC’s backwards marriage laws. No need for them to get out of any kitchen; they’re on the winning side. The haters have no power over that.

  11. Robert says

    Correction: That is McDowell County, NC. Marion is the county seat and a small bible thumping backwater. How do I know this? I live in this time capsule masquerading as an American town.

  12. Craig Howell says

    Under an unusual if not unique provision of the NC ban on marriage equality, any pastor who performs a same-sex wedding ceremony recognized by their church is guilty of a crime and can be prosecuted. That is at the heart of the on-going challenge to the NC ban by a number of pro-equality clergy.

  13. says

    That’s a good thing to keep pointing out @Craig, thanks for the reminder … unlike the anti-gay clergy, who have religious liberty (and can opt not to perform any same-sex weddings), the pro-gay clergy IS clearly being deprived of their religious liberty by not being allowed to sanction the unions of same-sex couples.

  14. Keepingitreal says

    Because Mr Tyree made it about race when he said:
    “I’ll never be a former black,” Tyree tweeted in June 2011. “I have met former homosexuals. That’s the truth.”

    So you, like Chocolatebear, are calling me a f@g and then you cry about all the hate.

    Before the three of you start calling people out on the hate check the mirror you are worse than them.

  15. cdubois says

    I don’t see any hate in my comments, I was voicing frustrations with an apparent lack of self awareness on the part of many on these threads. I don’t see me how that makes me “worse than them.” Whomever “them” are…